16 ideas for pergola design – functional designs for the garden

Written by Kremena Ruseva

wooden pergola garden design sitting area

We have prepared for you 16 ideas for pergola design  which are functional and practical and also suitable for every garden or terrace.

 Organize a comfortable seating area – Pergola design for the garden


Gazebo awning sunshade sitting area

A pergola in the garden has many advantages – it is easy to build and offers numerous design options –  it can bring a refreshing coolness and covered with an awning, or used as decoration and to really highlight your garden. Pergola designs are particularly effective where there is a floor covering – a garden path, a patio area or a terrace with wooden floor are just a few examples. This simple structure gives the options to setup a seating that looks fresh and inviting with colorful flowers and plants.

Pergola design for the garden privacy

Gazebo building design ideas

If you build a pergola in the garden in the immediate vicinity of the house, you will be able to always enjoy a place of rest. So that you do not bother, you can shield the pergola with awnings, or secure it by a structure made of wood and vines to protect your privacy. This is a modern pergola design and has a nice contrast to the classical columns.


Pergola in the garden – an idea for the patio design

Arcade garden pergola ideas

If you would like to spend your free time with friends, you can build a pergola on the terrace in the garden. The beautiful curves on the design of this pergola arch draw attention to itself, and a small wooden fence surrounds the whole construction.

Pergola in the garden – space-saving design

small garden pergola ideas sun protection

If you think that pergolas are only for large gardens, then you are mistaken. Just the opposite – the diversity of this design is great for a small garden and can serve as an accent. The design looks accomplished thanks to the small pergola around the whole structure.

High pergola in the garden over the path

Sunscreen pergola landscaping gravel path plants

If you want to build a pergola in the garden, think about the height, the length and width that you need. A high pergola is as perfect for a small garden and casts shadows on the path.

Pergola with climbing plants

Pergola ideas climbing plants sun protection

If you want to create a visual connection with the environment, you can decorate the pergola with climbing plants. Grape creates a dramatic effect on the dining area. Pergolas have a Mediterranean flavor and come from Italy. The traditional pergola in the garden is covered with grapes. It is a romantic, beautiful area that has a great appeal.

Effective design and interesting structure

cheap pergola garden design

Even a simple structure can refresh the garden and put an accent. The various forms and functions that it can perform help to make a cozy outdoor area, which costs much less than a gazebo.

Solid pergola pillars

pergola design ideas outdoor fireplace

The pillars of the pergola in the garden are often attached to concrete slabs. Sometimes they are simply buried in the ground, but this should only be done with wooden pergolas. For small and light gazebos this is a simple solution, greater designs need in any case, a solid support. The example in the photo has wooden beams combined with brick pillars, which are in line with the rustic fireplace.

Freestanding pergola

Garden design pond wooden pergola natural stones

A big advantage of free-standing structures is the flexibility – you can choose the best place for your gazebo and have no restriction to consider the space available in front of the house.

Pergola in the garden

patio design wooden pergola iron furniture

Even if free standing pergolas do not have a whole canopy shape, sometimes less is more. The feeling of accomplishment and the coziness is also formed with an open design.

Private patio

Wood carving garden

A carved wooden pergola in the garden makes a great impression and ensures privacy protection for the patio area. It is private and welcoming at the same time and creates a romantic atmosphere in the garden.

 A floating pergola

Gazebo pond garden design ideas

One of the best designs – this gazebo looks as if it floats on water. It is the best place to rest and watch the water and wild animals.

 Pergola as a link between home and house extension

DIY home extension wooden pergola ideas

Gazebos can perfectly combine old and new architecture seamlessly. Here the classical pergola masters this task just fine to connect the old and new parts of a colonial style building. The portico welcomes all guests and functions as a stylish addition to the architecture.

Pergola as a garden entrance

Pergola house entrance design

Create a garden entrance with the help of a pergola. The gray color of the design marks and separates the garden.




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