DIY Deck Railing Ideas: How to Enclose Your Outdoor Area in an Aesthetic and Safety Way?

by Snezhana Besarabova

The role of the deck railing is not only to ensure safety, but to fit stylish and bring a character to your outdoor area. But how to perform your own DIY project? Building by your hands such a construction can be pleasing, and surely cost-effective. Let’s explore some amazing DIY deck railing ideas with full guidelines how to make them.

Deck Railing DIY Ideas

simple wood deck railing ideas comfortable and private

Designing and making your own admirable deck space is a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor living experience.

Railing with Natural Wood and Branches

If you’re searching to fill your deck with a rustic and nature feel, this variant of a construction might be the greatest for you. This exceptional example of the DIY deck railing ideas makes your outdoor area stand out. Here’s the guideline for the creation process:

diy deck railing ideas wooden deck with branches


Preparation of materials: You’ll need some untreated thick branches or logs, pressure-treated 2×4 lumber, screws, wood glue, drill, saw and sandpaper.

How it’s done:

  1. Measure the deck’s length: You need this to determine the number of branches or logs that are required.
  2. Cut the branches (logs): They should fit the height and be slightly taller than the deck’s surface. Sand the wood: Remove the splinters and any rough edges.
  3. Attach the lumber: Ensure they are fixed horizontally and solid between the posts with the help of a drill and wood screws.
  4. Apply glue to the top surface of the lumber: This is needed to stick the branches.
  5. Place the branches (logs) vertically: Put them on top of the lumber, pressing into the glue for a strong connection.
  6. Let the glue dry: Be sure it is entirely dried before your family or friends step next to your wooden creation.

DIY Deck Railing Ideas: Vertical Garden

how to build a simple deck railing incorporate plants

If you’re a lover of flowers and want to embrace some nature into your project inspired by the trendy DIY deck railing ideas, a vertical garden is one ingenious example.

Gather materials: Hard wire or cable, wood posts or metal brackets; eye screws or hooks, planter containers or pots made from metal or plastic.

How it’s done:

  1. Plan the desired height: How many meters should it be?
  2. Fix the spacing for the eye screws or hooks: Determine their locations along the top and bottom of the deck posts or brackets.
  3. Pre-drill holes for the eye screws (hooks): Fix their positions in the deck posts or brackets.
  4. Screw the eye screws (hooks): Fasten them into the deck posts or brackets at the predetermined locations.
  5. Position the cable or hard wire: String it through the eye screws (hooks) horizontally to make a support for your planter boxes or pots.
  6. Fasten the wire or cable: Secure its position to endure the weight of the planters with plants and soil.
  7. Fill the planter containers with soil. Use potting soil, according to the flowers and the greenery you are going to grow there.
  8. Plant flowers, herbs, other plants: Transplant them in the planters or grow them from seeds sown into the soil.

diy deck railing ideas verticla garden deck

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Wire with Steel Railing Creation

The modern DIY deck railing idea from wire mesh and steel pipe offers a combination of simplicity with durability, appearing as a visually pleasing deck design.

cheap diy deck railing ideas

The needed materials: steel pipes, ½ inch (1.3 cm) in diameter, wire mesh panels, saw, screws or bolts, pipe connectors and caps.

How it’s done:

  1. Plan the distance between the posts: You’ll need it to determine the length of the steel pipes for placing them horizontally.
  2. Cut the steel pipes to the set length: Do this with the help of a saw.
  3. Attach the pipes to the deck posts: Place them horizontally, and attach with pipe connectors and caps.
  4. Fix the height from the top to bottom pipes: This measure will help you to determine the dimensions of the needed wire mesh panels.
  5. Attach the wire mesh panels: Position them vertically between the steel pipes and fix with metal fasteners.

How to Build a Simple Deck Railing from Rope on a Budget?

diy deck railing ideas deck from ropes making zigzag formation

In case you prefer a deck railing on a budget, which is simultaneously with attractive look and on a low budget, a rope railing may suit you the most:

Prepare the materials: Wood posts or metal brackets, thick marine-grade rope, drill, eye screws.

How it’s done:

  1. Plan the spacing for the eye screws: Determine their distance along the top and bottom of the deck posts or brackets.
  2. Pre-drill holes for the eye screws: This will help with the installation lately.
  3. Screw the screws into the posts (brackets): Place them at their predetermined spots.
  4. Thread the thick rope through the screws: This will make a horizontal or zigzag railing, according to your design.
  5. Knot the ends of the rope: Fix them firmly to prevent from unraveling.

diy deck railing on a budget create a vertical garden with pots

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