10 Unique Semi Circle Patio Designs That Will Keep You Outside All Year Long!

by Stephanie Yankova

Semi-circle patios are a unique way to spruce up your backyard design. Unlike classic square and rectangle patios that follow the organic shape of your house, the curved layout is great for creating a more intimate atmosphere within your outdoor space. Give way to your creativity and explore the possibilities of your garden area with these awe-inducing semi circle patio designs!

What is a Semi Circle Patio?

modern stone semi circle patio diy fire pit rattan outdoor furniture

As their name suggests, semi-circle patios have a curved layout that looks like a circle cut in half. It’s most frequently designed as an extension of the rectangular patio as a designated downtime area. The most common paving materials used for semi circle patios are concrete slabs, brick pavers, clay, natural stone, or crushed stone.

Semi Circle Patio Designs

semi circle patio design idea stone bench diy fire pit


The beauty of stone patios is that you can easily incorporate the paver material into your furniture pieces and create a cohesive appearance. Here we have a beautiful curved seating area and a stone DIY cinder block fire pit that look like an extension of the patio itself and create an organic focal point. To elevate the decor and give it some character, add cushions in your favorite colors, planter pots, and ambient lighting to help set the cozy mood!

Do you want to recreate this design in your backyard? If you are looking to take up a new DIY project in your garden, we’ve got you covered! Watch the video below to see how you can easily build this stylish patio seat wall yourself in no time! All you’re going to need is:

  • paint
  • paper base
  • rumble stone blocks
  • construction adhesive

Semi Circle Patio with a Raised Wooden Decking

semi circle patio design circular fire pit wooden deck seating shade sail

If you have a small patio, and you want to utilize your space to its full capacity, creating different levels is a smart way to do that. This wide raised wooden decking encompassing the entire curve of the semi-circular patio gives you plenty of space to accommodate various activity zones. Adding a big fire pit in the middle will help make those late nights in the garden a lot more comfortable and intimate. A clever storage hack you can try is creating a designated fitted space underneath the fire pit for logs, blankets, and other miscellaneous items. To add shade you can install a simple shade sail that you can easily attach and detach in different spots.

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Modern Small Semi Circle Patio Design

modern semi circle patio landscaping white concrete fire place comfortable lounge area
Semi circle layouts are great for creating small activity nooks to fit into your landscaping plan. This small lounge area paved with granite tiles and a minimalist concrete fireplace gives your garden a modern and elevated appearance. It’s the perfect spot for spending your evenings with friends and loved ones in a grounding and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

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A Hidden Patio Sanctuary

semi circle patio design small dining area planters artificial pond

The landscaping possibilities of a semi circle patio spread a lot further than what meets the eye. Its curved shape invites you to think outside the limitations of the square or rectangular layout and explore different shapes and zoning arrangements. This design offers an interesting approach that uses greenery as a way to create a sense of enclosure and privacy. The open section of the semi circle is utilized by installing an artificial pond with concrete stepping stones which serve as the main pathway to the designated dining spot in the centre of the patio.

 A Semi Round Patio with a Wooden Gazebo

semi circle patio design ideas wooden gazebo dining area

Using gazebos in your landscaping design is a great way to create a more intimate hideaway area. It also fits perfectly in any curved nooks or semi circular areas of your patio. It’s the ideal “adult” spot for brunches, dinners, late-night conversations, or small celebrations. You can decorate it with wooden lounge chairs, a curved bench, or even add a hammock and a couple of ottomans for a more cozy atmosphere. If the area allows for it, you can also add a small fire pit in the center, or decorate with soft ambient lighting.

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More Creative Semi Circle Patio Design Ideas

small semi circle backyard patio landscaping ideas pergola shade fire pit

Raised Small Semi Circle Patio with a Stone Fireplace and Comfortable Lounge Area

stone raised semi circle patio design idea lounge area fire place

Big Semi Round Patio with a Large Gazebo and Designated Lounge and Dining Areas 

stone semi circle patio dining area gazebo design ideas

Gravel and Concrete Paved Semi Round Patio with a DIY Cinder Block Fire Pit and a Small Pergola

gravel concrete slabs modern semi circle patio design lounge chairs diy firepit

Wooden Raised Wooden Semi Circle Deck with a Curved Pergola and Small Dining Nook

half circle pergola raised wooden patio small dining nook

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