How to Make a Homemade Shade Sail? Here Are All Our Practical Tips!

by Kremy

How to protect yourself from the sun at home? How to make a homemade shade sail? With what material? Follow our simple tips and everything will be fine!

A shade sail is a large piece of fabric installed outdoors. Most often sewn in a triangular shape, its main role is to create a shaded area on the deck or balcony to protect you from UV rays. This lets outside air circulate, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces during the summer heat. What’s more, the shade sail will add a real touch of elegance and modernity while enhancing your privacy. Can we tell you a little more right away?

How to Make a Homemade Shade Sail?

homemade shade sail instructions

You can’t argue with us: everyone wants to relax and enjoy their outdoor space when the weather’s nice. Without a shade, it’s a little more complicated, so opt for a homemade shade sail to protect yourself during sunny days! What fabric? What materials? How do you make it? Follow our simple, practical advice!

What Fabric to Use for a Shade Sail?

Keep in mind that shade sail fabric can be different. The essential point factor remains the resistance to ultraviolet rays: this is the main criterion if you decide to sew it yourself. In addition, you must remember to choose a material that allows air to pass easily. Finally, we advise you to avoid choosing a waterproof fabric so that water does not stagnate on the fabric and its weight weakens the material and the fasteners. Here are some examples of shade sail fabrics:

  • acrylic
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester

All you have to do is choose the color(s) that inspire(s) you the most, according to your tastes and desires. However, it is advisable to choose colors that do not absorb too much light and heat. Opt for rather light or summer colors.

diy shade sail


What Materials Will You Need?

how to make a homemade shade sail for patio deck

First of all, you’ll need the fabric you’ve chosen to hide the sun for an effective shade area. Then, a tape measure and scissors to cut the shape you want. Finally, you will need eyelets and ropes so that the shade is perfectly fixed and stretched above the deck or in the corner of the garden. The choice is yours! Do we move on to the actual installation?

Homemade Shade Sail: How to Do It?

how to make a homemade shade sail

Before choosing the size of the shade sail fabric, here are some criteria to consider for your project:

  • The Exposure
  • How the shade sail is attached and supported
  • The presence of draught or wind

Here are 3 practical tips that should make your life easier:

  • Assemble with a canvas that will be wider than the width of the fabric.
  • The corners of the fabric for shade sail must be double thickness in order to benefit from a good resistance to the tension of the fabric.
  • Use springs to avoid too much tension.

Let’s look at the finishing touches! You can use grommets, for example, if they’re not too big. It is also possible to use half-rings which are inserted at the corners of the shade sail. This accessory can then be used to hang pretty ropes for a beach look. Since the shade sail can be subjected to a great deal of pressure, it’s essential that the attachment bracket is strong enough. Here are the most common options for attaching a shade sail:

  • On a facade of the house
  • On a strong tree in the garden
  • On shade sail poles

To finish the job in style, make sure everything is in place and perfectly fastened. Use this pretty shaded corner to read a book or have a drink in the open air without the risk of sunburn! Not bad, is it?

textile shade sail 2023

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