Balcony sun shade ideas: how to choose the best protection in the summer

by Kremy

how to choose the best sun shade for your balcony

We will show you four of the most popular balcony sun shade ideas. The balcony gives the occupants of the apartment the opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather, have breakfast in the morning or a drink in the evening. However, in hot summer days staying without sun protection on the balcony can be really unpleasant and extremely uncomfortable. So, how to protect your balcony from sunlight?

Balcony sun shade ideas – pros and cons of different types

Balcony sun shade ideas how to choose the best protection


You can find a variety of balcony sun shade ideas. Some types of sun protection have been used for a very long time and of course, there are modern options. Most often people choose parasols, canopy, curtains, shutters, blinds, etc.

balcony parasol sun protection ideas

The simplest form for balcony sun protection is, of course, an umbrella. A large parasol can certainly be effective. Since balconies are usually not very large, and the parasol occupies part of the space you can select modern versions like an adjustable wall mounted umbrella for balcony or half-canopy umbrella, which is a great option for small spaces. It is important to choose a compact option, which, nevertheless, provides a sufficient shade. In addition, the umbrella on the balcony often has to serve not only as sun protection but also as a screen to ensure privacy.

Retractable awnings balcony sun shade ideas

Retractable awnings are the next option for sunscreen on the balcony. They offer the advantage to protect the entire surface of the balcony. But this is also a slight drawback compared to the umbrella. An awning always covers the entire surface. Such a sunscreen on the balcony requires a very stable attachment. The market offers a variety of options – the awnings can be made from sun resistant fabric, fibreglass or even aluminum and will need to be made to measure and installed by a professional. One of the major drawbacks is the relatively high cost but if you prefer a long-term investment into your home, this option is a good choice!

Shade sails how to choose the best sun protection for balcony

Shade sails have the advantage that they can be installed almost anywhere. They do not have massive horizontal load-bearing elements which makes the design visually light. In addition to the easy installation, they have a very modern, stylish and eye-catching look and will certainly complement your balcony design. Shade sails come in different sizes and colors so one can find something that suits his taste and exterior. Whether you choose to make a statement with a bold design or let it blend in seamlessly, a shade sail will always give a wow factor to your garden. It’s a comparatively low cost solution that will add extra interest to your home.

modern balcony with outdoor furniture and pergola

Pergolas remain one of the most popular choices in the design of outdoor space. You can choose traditional wood or opt for modern lightweight version from aluminum or other materials. You can add a canopy or other fabric to protect you from wind and rain. This type of sun protection should be carefully considered as it may not be the best choice for a small balcony.



sun shade for small balcony parasol ideas

small balcony with awning

balcony design ideas sun protection wooden pergola

balcony design ideas sun protection pergola




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