Modern Landscape Design 2023 – TOP 8 Trends for a Minimalist Outdoor Living Space!

by Stephanie Yankova

Every house deserves an exterior that is designed with just as much attention to detail as its interior spaces. Our home’s outdoor area is a reflection of ourselves that we choose to show to the outside world. It’s a place to connect, unwind, and nurture your inner self while connecting with nature in your own little oasis. Turn your garden space into a state-of-the-art sanctuary with our modern landscape design ideas! 

modern front yard landscape design las vegas architectural design

What is a Modern Landscape Style?

Modern landscape design incorporates minimalist elements with clean lines, well-organized symmetrical plants, organic materials, and an earthy color pallet. There aren’t any free-growing plants, but rather ornamental ones and the majority of the lawn area is paved with stone or concrete. Modern landscape is usually designed to accentuate the house’s architectural structure and is more focused on aesthetics and decor rather than classic garden appearance.

Modern Landscape Design for Backyard

modern landscape design ideas concrete fire pit curved wooden bench


The easiest way to give your backyard a timeless modern appearance is by incorporating concrete. The high durability, low-maintenance, clean polished appearance, and neutral color of this material make it an evergreen aesthetic decision. To make your space more cozy for the colder months you can make a bespoke concrete fire pit that blends seamlessly with the concrete slab pavement. When you’re building a modern design concept the incorporation of organic materials is essential. It helps create a fine balance between the roughness of the stone and calming and grounding qualities of nature-derived elements. You can include wooden pathways, or create a focal point using planters and abstract wooden furniture, like this curved bench.

Minimalist Japanese-Inspired Oasis

modern landscape design ideas al fresco lounge area minimalist outdoor furniture

Japanese design is defined by sleek and simple furniture pieces that impose comfort and serenity onto their user. They’re usually really low to the ground, which not only makes the space look bigger but also gives it that refined modern appearance. What I really love about this design is the green walls used as zoning elements to differentiate separate areas of the backyard. We have the Al Fresco dining area on one end and a lounge area on the other. While both the surrounding greenery and pavement materials make it clear that they are separate zones, they communicate with each other through the furniture design.

Modern Raised Bed Garden

different levels raised bed garden modern landscape design idea

Are you a passionate gardener who also wants to have a modern backyard design? Contrary to what most modern landscape guidebooks will teach you, you CAN have the best of both worlds. The key components are two – geometric designs and symmetry. If your backyard space allows for it, you can create different levels with wooden or concrete pathways and raised beds symmetrically arranged on both sides.

Mini Pond and Ornamental Greenery

small garden pond modern landscape design ideas concrete slab pavement floor lights symmetrical ornamental bushes

This modern landscape design is the pure definition of “less is more”. The elegant and captivating at first glance decor is actually incredibly simple and easy to achieve! Modern design is all about space and minimalism. Here we have a decorative area that uses nothing but gravel pebbles and ornamental bushes to create a picturesque view. What actually ties this area together is the mini pond used as a centerpiece.  This is a simple and unique way to create a grounding oasis-like atmosphere in your outdoor space.

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Modern Landscape Design for Front Yard

white gravel pebbles ornamental grass wooden porch front yard modern landscape design

Giving your front yard a modern makeover can really transform the whole exterior appearance of your home. Using white gravel pebbles and ornamental grass you can create nice symmetrical zoning that guides the user through the space. As you’ve probably learned by now stones pair really well with wood and create a really appealing clean design with a timeless aesthetic. In this particular landscaping project, we see a long wooden pathway going from the front door to the edge of the outer front yard border. This helps to highlight the different zones and tie the whole design together.

Succulent Front Yard Design

succulent front yard modern landscaping ideas gravel pebbles concrete slab pavement

If you live in a place with a dry climate and gardening isn’t really your forte, this landscaping idea is for you! Succulent front yards have become incredibly popular in recent years. They allow for various arrangements, they’re easy to care for as succulents require very little water and thrive in rocky soil. You don’t have to worry about planters or maintaining a perfect lawn! All you need is stone or concrete paving and some gravel and your succulent plants will add all the character your front yard needs for a minimalist modern appearance.

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Front Yard Concrete Stepping Stones

front yard landscaping concrete stepping stones pebbles design idea

Stepping stones pathways are a really good way to spruce up your landscape design. Because modern style is all about straight geometrical forms and clean lines, this design choice actually allows you to be a little bit playful with the arrangement. You can use stepping stones in different sizes and different arrangement patterns to give your landscape a unique character!

Concrete Steps with Step Lights

concrete steps lights modern landscape design ideas front yard

There’s something about combining concrete with lots of greenery that really makes it feel like you’re getting the best of both worlds. There is something post-apocalyptic about this design approach which emphasises the modern feel of this front yard even more! These concrete steps with yellow step lights surrounded by the stainless steel raised beds have a state-of-the-art brutalist meets biophilia design concept.


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