Fascinating Evergreen Climbing Plants for Shade in Your Garden!

by Radost P.

What is the best climbing plant for shade? How to choose the right option for your garden?

Which Are The Best Evergreen Climbing Plants for Shady Areas?

what is the best climbing plant for shade

Are you looking to make some changes in your garden? If so, it might be wise to consider growing evergreen plants that bring a sense of comfort and shade for the hot summer days!

Glamorous Jasminoides

glamorous jasminoides


Jasminoides have beautiful green leaves and provide fantastic tea scent throughout the summer. This evergreen plant is perfect for covering walls and can be trained in various different shapes. Another popular names of jasminoides are confederate jasmine and star jasmine.

Hedera Helix ‘Buttercup’ – Good for Walls

hedera helix buttercup

This slow-growing English Ivy plant is great for a small space that needs golden warmth. When the weather is sunny, the leaves look yellow, while in shade – they are lime green. Hedera Helix ‘Buttercup’ does not like to compete with other plants and thrives well in well-drained soil.

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Solanum Crispum ‘Glasnevin’

solanum crispum glasnevin

This is a potato tree or a climbing shrub that provides blue-purple flowers and inedible fruit. You can expect the solanum crispum (which is poisonous to eat) to be evergreen in warm areas and to grow best in a well-drained soil. The plant is good to be tied to a trellis or framework.

Rosa ‘Wedding Day’

rosa wedding day

This is a delicate and fast-growing plant that is perfect for providing your house wall in a partial shade. Rosa ‘Wedding Day’ thrives well in spacious environments with well-drained soil, although it can tolerate poor soil. 

Clematis Cirrhosa ‘Freckles’ – Good for Fences

clematis cirrhosa freckles

The ‘Freckles’ plant has rose-yellow bells in the period from November to February, and it provides foods for bees. You can grow it literally everywhere in your backyard, yet it is best for trellis and fences. Clematis Cirrhosa requires moist and well-drained soil. 

Evergreen Climbing Plants for Shady Areas – Clematis Alpina

clematis alpina

Although it might not look as fresh and beautiful as the above-mentioned evergreen climbers, Clematis Alpina tolerates a cold temperature and shady areas. It is great for fences and walls, while you do not have to prune it.

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Pileostegia Viburnoides – Suitable for Pollinators

pileostegia viburnoides

These are leavy hydrangeas that have glamorous and long green leaves throughout fall. Pileostegia Viburnoides can attract insects, since they contain nectar, so it is best to be grown far from your garden chairs. The plant needs food rich in nitrogen and may take up to several years to bloom. 

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