Awesome small garden ideas – backyard landscaping design

by Kremy


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A secluded garden, offering a comfortable relax is the desire of any hobby – gardeners but very often they are not aware how to use backyard design software. It is possible to create such a small oasis of peace even on tiny or narrow plot. A small garden in the backyard can offer everything – screening, more comfortable seats and, of course, many plants and flowers. We have some space-saving small garden ideas which are a definite proof that limited space can be arranged in a fabulous way!

Planning the design step by step

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The exact planning is the first step to success – first a sketch is created, then the property will be divided into zones and the location of the deck, the pool, the flower beds will be determined. Of course, you have to know what the style that you prefer for your backyard landscape is – Mediterranean, modern, natural or a garden with formal design. Different small garden ideas feature different styles and types of decoration, but it is always your personal choice that counts on the first place.

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A small garden in Mediterranean style for the backyard, for example, will add an exotic touch in an urban area. With citrus trees in plant pots, matching screening and outdoor shading, some natural ivy on the garden wall you will have a completely new look. And if the whole family loves staying outdoors, a little narrow swimming pool can be built. Then the fun time for every member of the family is guaranteed.

Small garden ideas – potted plants are a space-saving alternative to flower beds

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A small garden has to be designed with attention to practicality and functionality. It should not be crowded and messy, the amateur gardeners can skip flowerbeds and plant a vertical garden instead or use plant containers as decorative accents. Indoor plants can easily be brought outside during the summer season and arranged around the patio. Outdoor furniture can be a challenging issue if your space is limited but the small garden ideas below will show you some creative and space saving ideas for your own backyard.

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Think of the right flooring for your outdoor area. The deck will give you the opportunity to have meals outdoors, arrange comfortable seating around a portable fire pit. The fact that your space is small does not mean that you do not need privacy screens. Hedges, bamboo plants in large containers or climbing plants are an excellent choice and in addition you will have lush vegetation. If you have the place, add a water feature. The market offers a wide variety of cascading water features which are quite beautiful or why not make a mini pond yourself?

 Comfortable seating area in the backyard

unique small garden ideas outdoor furniture concrete firepit

 Modern backyard with water features

best small garden ideas Sandstone paving stones privacy wall modern outdoor furniture

Modern patio deck design

unique backyard design ideas hanging chair

  Smooth transition between indoor and outdoor space

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awesome backyard design ideas stone wall ivy

 landscape ideas wooden deck outdoor furniture planters privacy wall

patio firepit corner bench wooden fence

outdoor furniture balcony planters ideas

 backyard design grill area lawn dining outdoor furniture

 backyard desian ideas hammock large planter boxes

small backyard wooden privacy wall dining area grill area

beautiful backyard design ideas wooden pergola seating area

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