Five classic styles for the garden design – fabulous landscaping ideas

by Kremy

traditional Japanese garden river rocks garden house

Any beginner gardener dreams of a garden design with big trees, vibrant flower beds, hedges, roses, reservoirs … and is willing to put every effort for giving life of his ideas, forgetting that in the garden everything should be harmonious. So when the time comes to design your beautiful garden, first of all, it is necessary to determine the style and decide which one of the traditional designs would match your fantasies.

Japanese garden design combines stones and water

landscape design Japanese garden elements water bridge rocks


There is nothing random in the Japanese garden layout, everything has its own meaning – the plants and the order of their placement. Every detail, even the smallest one is in amazing harmony with everything around and has its own symbolism. The bridge over the creek represents the sun, the bamboo represents resistance and patience, pine trees – longevity, oak – strength, lotus – wisdom. The main elements in all Japanese gardens are stone and water. Their presence in the Japanese garden is a must as per Buddhism. The stones symbolize the “yang ” – the bright positive masculine principle while the water  represents the ” yin” – the feminine , the dark force opposing yang. Japanese gardens are designed in such a way so that they reveal beautiful landscapes gradually. The paths are curved or placed in a circle around the central part of the yard. A special highlight of these gardens is the pavement that serves as a transition to a stream or pond.


Stunning Japanese garden bridge over creek green lawn

spring japanese garden blooming trees


Japanese Sand Garden Maple Tree

japanese garden stone bridge rocks water plants

japanese garden sand maple tree


japanese garden landscape design gravel path rocks


japanese garden design plants rocks architectural elements

Japanese Garden design gravel Rocks Bridge

feng shui garden design water elements rocks

bamboo water feature in japanese garden

Spanish garden design

Traditional spanish garden design water pool fountains

 Due to the fact that Spain was under the reign of the Arabs for several centuries, this inevitably reflected in the garden layout. In the Islam water symbolizes the beginning of life and heavenly bliss, so these gardens always have many water sources. Fountains and pools lined with stone, colored ceramic or glass give these gardens a fairy character and small channels emphasize the strict geometry of the layout. Another distinctive feature of the Spanish garden is the limited patio (courtyard) in the open. Usually it is framed by galleries, wrapped with vines and rambling roses. Paths are designed with decorative flooring – tiles or natural stones.

Water features landscape design spanish gardens

When you design a Spanish garden you need to know the most typical elements. Courtyards and the surrounding architecture need to reflect the architecture and exterior of the house. Seating areas and potted plants should be incorporated into the garden and provide a view of the landscape. Whether a large fountain in the center of the garden or multiple small fountains, this is one of the main features in a Spanish garden. Symmetry is another characteristic feature which you should have in mind when planning the layout of the garden.

traditional spanish garden stone tiles pool

Modern Spanish Patio traditional elements central fountain


Spanish pond surrounded by stone paths


Spanish patio ceramic pots

spanish fountain low stone wall

spanish garden courtyard central water feature fountain

spanish courtyard ideas wooden deck

spanish courtyard arcade flowers in pots

Garden Patio Courtyard Design Spanish style

spanish water garden long pool fountains

beautiful spanish garden round fountain pond

beautiful English garden green lawn hedge plants

The open plan of the English garden layout is used to emphasize the virtues of natural plants and, if necessary, to hide flaws. Trees and shrubs are located in picturesque groups, the paths repeat the outlines of the landscape and smooth flowing river or a quiet pond add to the life of the garden. Such areas have a natural beauty that is achieved by strict rules. The design must consider even the seasonal changes in the color of leaves, grass and color of flowers. The principle of contrast is a must: dark trees and shrubs are alternating with bright flower beds, lawns with closed areas. Garden sculptures and accessories have an important role. Flowers in the English garden grow right through the grass and the lawn is never bordered with stone curbs.

 traditional landscape English garden ideas lawn flowers

landscape design English garden statues

Traditional English garden design round pond fountain

Traditional english garden design and element

Spectacular English garden symmetric flower beds shrubs trees

Open Space English Garden and Pathway Design

Natural English Garden Design with Pathways and flowerbeds

landscape design ideas English garden iron gate stone wall

landscape design English garden boxwood hedges

English garden landscape ideas hedge lawn sunbeds

english garden round flower beds potted boxwood plants

English garden water elements pool fountain

English garden ideas hedges

English garden design green lawn stone steps bench

 Chinese Garden balance between elements

The Chinese garden is strictly hierarchical and has a main central composition while all other elements are arranged around it in a srtict order.  Garden structures usually are bridges, pagodas and stairs in bright colors – red, green or yellow. The structure of the Chinese garden fully meets the Feng Shui study for harmony in the relationship between man and nature. Chinese gardens have three compulsory elements: plants, decorative hills and water.

 Picturesque Chinese garden design water feature rocks

Chinese Garden Rocks Willows Bridge

Chinese Garden pond bridge pagoda

Chinese Garden landscape pagoda rocks water element

chinese garden design rocks willow pagoda

Chinese garden design pond pagoda

Chinese garden design path bridge

chinese garden ideas lawn bonsai trees

chinese garden decorative elements water features waterfall

chinese garden decorating elements

Chinese garden central composition additional elements

Chinese bamboo trees sun area

beautiful chinese pagodas autumn trees

french formal design red flowers hedge plants

The gardens of Louis XIV are considered as the representative of the style which originated in France and reached its zenith during the rule of Louis XIV. Symmetric layout and sharp crisp lines – these are the main features. A special role is given to the numerous beds with manicured grass which surround a decorative pool, lake, canal or fountain. Often the whole panorama of this garden is set on a flat level. The plants, suitable for a French garden are Thuya , spiraea , fir, maple, tilia and decorative plum and apple.

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Traditional landscape French lavender hedge

French garden low hedge borders

Luxury French Garden Trimmed hedge

Landscape design ideas French hedge lawn

French style landscape tulips water features hedge plants

French low flower beds central fountain

french landscape ideas round fountain bird statue

French garden statue paths

French style landscape ideas water elements fountain statue

french style landscape ideas trimmed lawn

French style landscape country house lawn small pond

French Formal style landscape symmetric patters

french style landscape geometric shapes








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