The charming and romantic beauty of a splendid rose garden

Written by Kremena Ruseva


Roses are a symbol of love. They bring beauty, charm and romance and no matter the color or the species, they are always connected with passion. Now imagine the impact of a magnificent rose garden! Thousands of splendid roses, great beauty and luscious scent – this sounds like a dream come true for every romantic! How to grow a rose garden? We shall give you some tips which will be very useful for beginner gardeners.

 How to start a rose garden – tips for beginners


To begin with, roses are shrubs, although many people think of them as blossoming flowers. Roses need a special attention and if you want to enjoy a colorful rose garden year after year you need to know some rules how to grow roses. Beginner gardeners should know that roses can be planted twice a year – in early spring or late autumn as these periods ensure successful rooting and the root system is kept from freezing.


It is important that you choose the right location for your rose garden. Roses need a spot that receives direct sunlight for at least six hours per day. The soil should have good drainage because if it is too moist, the roots of your roses may rot. You can easily check that by digging a hole, pour some water and check if the water has drained in a few hours.

How to take care of a rose garden?


There is a wide variety of rose plants and you need to know what type is suitable for you. Shrub or landscape roses look absolutely impressive. They can be grown in different climates and do not require a lot of attention. Rose trees are very elegant and are suitable for doorways or along a garden path. Climbing roses form spectacular cascades. They are the perfect solution for pergolas, arches, trellis or pillars. Roses love water—but don’t drown them. When watering your rose garden, make sure that you have watered the entire root zone. In dry summer weather you have water your garden at least twice a week. Do not prune roses in the fall. Roses are pruned in spring. Spring is the time to add a fertilizer to the soil as well. It is not so difficult to grow a rose garden. You just have to give it love!



 Red roses have always been a symbol of love


 Climbing roses in the garden


 A place to relax under the rose shrubs


Beautiful and tender roses


 Roses over the garden fence


 A romantic oasis in the backyard










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