Landscape ideas for a secret garden to hide and relax in peace

by Kremy

landscape ideas secret garden hidden place gravel path

The famous book “The Secret Garden” inspired a lot of landscape designs lately. The outdoor area is an oasis of peace where the senses and the soul can relax. In the middle of a large garden you can create a special secret  place  – surrounded by tall plants and hidden from the house and the street  – that makes such nooks especially attractive for nature lovers.

The secret garden – a place for rest and relaxation

wooden garden furniture secret garden landscape design


Not every place is suitable for a comfortable secret garden. Landscaping architects recommend to choose one as far away from the house as possible and far from any paths as well. The good privacy is an important requirement, so you can relax – otherwise you will always feel observed. High perennials successfully shield the seating area from prying eyes. You can have a narrow path / for example gravel or wooden stepping stones / to ease your access to your personal little and private space.

Select flooring and outdoor furniture for your secret garden

small garden design round table chairs high stone wall

Which flooring you choose for your secret garden is closely related to the selection of outdoor furniture. Opt for outdoor furniture which you can move – table and chairs  – the flooring must be stable. Here you can choose between paving stones or a wooden deck – for each covering a corresponding sub-construction is necessary. If you have a garden on a slope terrain, there is an additional landslide hazard. In this case, it is worth to seek advice from experts. A drainage ensures that rainwater drains easily. The second option is the so-called stand events seating – this includes, for example, a stone seat. If that would be your choice it is enough if you install a gravel floor.



Slope garden design idea retaining wall cushions seating area

secret garden idea traditional plants pergola adirondack chair


secret garden design mediterranean style natural stone seating area bench

backyard ideas design idea small pond flowerbeds wooden bench high stone wall

Landscaping ideas patio decorating summer reclining chair

Landscape ideas gravel path sitting area privacy protection

Landscape design ideas rocking chair garden bench natural stone deck high trees

garden design ideas wooden bench high perennials pavers

secret nook backyard retreat ideas bench glass metal

comfortable garden sitting area high grass stone patio flooring



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