Creative landscape design – tips from the pros for a slope garden

by Kremy

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Hard to believe, but true – the homeowner of this property, located in Northridge, a suburb of Sydney, had neglected the garden area for years. Then he turned to a specialist and landscape architect Ken Pattinson and his staff proved that with enough imagination they can create a beautiful and creative landscape design despite the sloped terrain.

Creative landscape design which combines the individual elements

creative landscape design wooden deck patio furniture rattan chairs hedge plants


The company came up with a creative landscape design and constructed the garden on three levels. First, the terrain was secured against landslide, followed by three individual terraces which were covered with natural stone slabs. A staircase connects the different levels of the terraces and leads to the house. Two small ponds with water plants make the garden nature appealing and very attractive to the lovers of peace and quiet. The paving stones turn into a wooden deck where two sun chairs invite for sunbathing. The clear division of the individual zones is very beneficial especially for slope gardens. Privacy is assured thanks to high hedge plants. The individual design elements fit together perfectly – and everyone who wants to create a modern garden on a slope terrain, can take inspiration from it.

Creative landscape design – the tips from the pros

creative landscape design mini pond terraces evergreen plants

For a successful and of course, original and creative landscape design you need to consider the tips of the professionals. It is very important to prevent a landslide. If the inclination is not too strong, a gabion can help. Consider to use concrete for the garden – they are more stable and are made to last. Terracing separates the garden visually and allows easier gardening – it is possible to have a lawn on the first level and a cozy seating area on the second one.


  Evergreen shrubs with beautiful growing pattern

modern garden design ideas evergreen plants shrubs privacy

   Using outdoor lighting to accent the exterior design

House exterior design front yard staircase stone wood flower beds


    A cozy resting nook in the garden

Landscape terrace design ideas pebbles perennials

The lounge chairs and a small coffee table look inviting

creative landscape design ideas hillside garden white retaining wall terraces

   Beautiful landscape with a pond

contemporary garden design creative landscape ideas pond stepping stones

modern landscape patio design wooden deck evergreen perennials



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