How to choose the best paving stones – a review of types and materials

by Kremy

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Planning the exterior of the house includes not only the layout of the garden, the style and the furniture. You have to take a number of decisions about materials as well. Paving stones differ in size, material, installation and maintenance and many people wonder how to choose the best paving stones. We shall give you a review of the basic types and materials to help you find the ideal solution for your outdoor area.

How to choose the best paving stones – natural stone

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Natural stone, brick and concrete are the basic types of materials. They are offered in many different colors, styles and sizes. Here are a few ideas how to choose the best paving stones.

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Natural stone is a classic and stylish material with a retro touch and create a cozy atmosphere with a rustic appeal. Stone pavers differ in quality from concrete and brick, which are manufactured, as they are usually quarried. They are very durable and strong, and suitable for any type of climate. Among the most popular types of stone are limestone, bluestone, granite, travertine, marble, flagstone, etc. Without any doubt natural stone pavers will enhance the look of your outdoor area and add to the value of the property.

How to choose the best paving stones – manufactured pavers

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How to choose the best paving stones from the wide variety of manufactured pavers can be a confusing and task. Concrete pavers are a 100% manufactured and consist of two main ingredients – cement and aggregate. They are offered in numerous styles, designs and colors. They are very strong durable, easy to install, repair and maintain and practically versatile. Concrete pavers are the cost effective alternative to natural stone and the perfect choice for people on a tighter budget.

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Brick pavers can be made of clay or from a mixture of cement, sand, fine aggregates and water which is fired at high temperatures. They last a lifetime and are extremely durable and versatile. A great advantage of brick is the fact that they maintain their natural bright color. The colors range from dark charcoals, browns, reds or even pink shades.

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How to choose types materials durability review modern patio

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