How to lay pavers – useful ideas and tips for your patio or driveway

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how to lay pavers tips ideas step by step instructions

Pavers have a higher loading point and are especially good for driveways. However, they have a great visual appeal, in addition to their practicality, and are a fantastic patio flooring. We will give you some advice how to lay pavers by yourself and transform the exterior of your home.

How to lay pavers – choose the type of pavers

how to lay pavers what we need to know step by step


Paving stones are different not only in shapes, sizes and color but also in durability. That is why if you wonder how to lay pavers, you need to know very well what type of use you need them for- for example – a garden path or a driveway. Different materials are suitable for different applications. You need to carefully think whether you will buy paving bricks, concrete blocks, grass pavers, etc, etc.

How to lay pavers – important tips and advice

patio flooring designs pavers

Once you decide what pavers you will buy it is time to get practical. Here are the main steps you need to follow:


patio pavers patio design ideas patio decoration garden path

Measure the area that you want to pave so that you can determine how many pavers you need to buy. Make sure you buy at least 10 percent more than you plan to use as blocks may break during transport and also you may need to cut some to fit them to your design.

how to lay pavers important tips step by step advice

Purchase the pavers and the rest of the materials you need. Perhaps while wondering how to lay pavers in the patio, you had no idea that there are quite a lot of additional materials you will need.

how to lay pavers step by step instructions

Before laying the pavers you need a layer of gravel and a layer of sand below the pavers, as well as a barrier to keep the pavers in place. The gravel layer depth should be at least 4 inches and the sand level should be at least 1 inch thick.

how to lay pavers patio pavers designs ideas

Before marking off and digging the area you plan to pave, you need to check for underground utilities. After you are certain that it is safe to dig, you can mark the angles of the area and outline the area you are going to pave. Check the levels of the area as well.

step by step instructions base levels

Dig and remove the soil. Make sure you have the right depth, which will depend on the type of pavers. Add the gravel and sand base layers to the area. Lay the pavers in the pattern you desire starting at one corner. It is important to keep the blocks close to each other. You might need to cut some pavers to form curves. Install edging around the paved area.

filling joints with sand patio pavers

Cover the paved area with a layer of fine sand and using a broom, sweep it back and forth so that it fills all the space between the pavers. Use a compactor machine to compact your paved area. It is a good idea to seal your pavers because they will last longer than unsealed ones.

 Patio deck with pavers and fence

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 Beautiful patio design

Patio pavers patio decorating ideas dining table wooden fence

 You can arrange the pavers in your preferred design

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patio paver designs patio deck DIY patio pavers


patio decorating ideas pavers patio deck designs ideas


patio deck DIY how to lay patio pavers tips ideas


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