Soapstone vs granite – what is important to know?

by Kremy

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We shall have a look at soapstone vs granite and compare the main characteristics of both stones. Both granite and soapstone countertops are very popular and for many people it is difficult to decide which one is better and will suit them better.

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You need to figure out how you will use your countertop – how often do you cook, do you think that staining or scratching will be your bigger problem, how important is the color of your countertop and do you want to match it with the overall design or create an accent in your interior?

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When trying to decide between granite and soapstone for your countertop, think about the ways you use it. How often do you cook in your kitchen? Are you more likely to have trouble with staining or scratching? How important is it to you to match your color scheme?

Soapstone vs granite – how to choose the right one?


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When comparing soapstone vs granite, the first we need to understand is the origin of both rocks. Granite is an igneous rock and works for surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms.

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Soapstone is a metamorphic rock largely composed of talc, magnesium silicate and chlorite. It has a resistance to high temperatures. It can be harder or softer, depending on the talc percentage.


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Granite comes in a variety of colors and veining and the unique combinations, created by nature are hard to copy. Most popular colors are black, red, yellow, gray, and brown

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Soapstone is limited in color and is mostly black or in different shades of gray, sometimes with veins of green.

Soapstone vs granite – pros and cons

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Soapstone is nonporous and extremely stain resistant and heat resistant. You can put any hot pot right on the surface. The fact that it is non-porous gives you the certainty that it will resist to any stains from acids or chemicals.

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Soapstone can be easily scratched and you will have to take care of scratches if you used soapstone as a countertop.

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The major advantage of granite is its strength. It is extremely hard and resistant to scratches, which means you can use it as a cutting board if you wished. Granite is porous and can be stained which automatically means that it needs regular maintenance.


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Granite needs to be sealed and any spills have to be wiped off quickly. You need to be careful what type of cleaning products you use in order to avoid damaging the surface.

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Soapstone is easier to maintain. Scratches can easily be removed through sanding. To keep its dark color you should wipe it with a cloth dampened with mineral oil weekly.

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