81 inspiring decks and patio design ideas for a chic outdoor space

by Kremy


elegant and patio ideas stylish outdoor furniture casa do patio

Extend your living room to the outside in the garden by building a wooden deck around the house and arrange a cozy seating area. If you want to keep the seating area covered, you can set up an open gazebo to protect you from rain and sun. We have chosen 81 breathtaking decks and patio design ideas from all over the world. The examples below come from China to France, Seychelles and  Los Angeles and show originality, creativity and impeccable aesthetics. Choosing the style can be difficult, but when you are not sure which style suits you best, you can combine different elements. This will make your patio design more interesting.

backyard exterior swimming pool deck area armchairs UBHouse


Decks and patio design ideas are not only meant for the summer, no matter that we are accustomed to associate time in the open with hot sun. You do not need to leave your garden terrace after the summer has come to an end. You can install a fire pit and remain, despite the cold evenings, outside. Set benches around the fireplace which will not disturb the view of the garden. An appropriate lighting or an open fireplace will create pleasant and cozy atmosphere so think about that as well. Arrange ambient garden lighting and enjoy yourself!

balcony garden ideas deck jacuzzi dining area bench

Even in city conditions you can use the decks and patio design ideas. It serves as a place to relax, as a play area for the kids or as an entertainment area where you can barbecue on warm days. When you create a balcony garden and we will give you some beautiful ideas. Define the boundaries of your seating area on the balcony with stone tiles and planters. Plant as many flowers as possible and you will get a piece of paradise in the middle of the urban jungle. The picturesque wooden deck in the backyard creates an idyllic atmosphere and adds style to the garden design. On the veranda you can put plenty of flower pots with plants. The ideas for wood deck and patio show designs in various forms.

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terrace garden idea seating area Condominium in NYC

terrace ideas magnificent outdoor furniture glass railings

terrace large deck modern outdoor furniture corner sofa fireplace

house landscape outdoor pool deck Tennyson Point Residence

stylish elegant decks and patio ideas courtyard

stylish decks and patio design ideas sundeck outdoor furniture pool

Spectacular patio outdoor pool deck fireplace lounge chairs

spectacular decks and patio ideas decks stylish gazebo The View

modern house exterior large terrace flooring dining area

rooftop terrace deck bench privacy fence panel

rooftop terrace ideas flooring patio furniture

urban landscaping rooftop terrace design ideas flooring patio furniture

patio design ideas open shower wood cladding gravel ART house

small garden decks and patio ideas open living room area wooden deck

palm trees lounge chairs decks and patio ideas Coral Gables Residence

outdoor living area dining family area wooden deck outdoor furniture

outdoor area terrace deck fireplace sitting area low table

mountain house exterior deck entrance

modern terrace contemporary outdoor furniture

modern rooftop terrace wooden deck dining area sun protection

modern patio design cortyard wooden deck sand Casa do Pego

modern minimalist house architecture patio deck privacy garden fence M House

minimalist house architecture backyard design wooden deck privacy garden fence

terrace decks and patio design ideas wooden deck outdoor pool cofee table

small garden decks and patio design ideas Hall House

modern house patio deck lounge chairs pergola

modern house exterior backyard deck terrace vila skipas

modern house backyard outdoor pool sundeck

stylish decks and patio ideas large deck area plants big pots

modern home large terrace sitting area

modern home large backyard deck patio lounge furniture

modern home exterior patio deck privacy garden wall water feature

modern home exterior decks and patio ideas large deck outdoor pool

modern home patio deck large windows

minimalist house backyard deck dining area

landscape ideas patio swimming pool sundeck

landscape design backyard swimming pool sundeck

landscape backyard swimming pool sundeck sea view

house exterior design ideas outdoor pool wooden deck

house exterior design backyard pergola deck patio furniture

house exterior backyard deck terrace

house exterior decks and patio ideas

house architecture open area wooden terrace deck

home landscape outdoor pool privacy garden fence patio furniture

garden landscape ideas large deck outdoor furniture

decks and patio ideas deck white pillars

decks and patio deas deck around outdoor pool sun protection

decks and patio design ideas original deck flooring seating area

decks and design ideas modern house large wooden deck outdoor pool

decks and design ideas lounge chairs dining area modern house

decks and ideas long narrow terrace deck

decks and ideas large terrace wooden ceiling glass railings

decks and design ideas large backyard wooden deck

decks and design ideas infinity pool outdoor furniture panorama view

decks and patio ideas comfortable outdoor furniture

decks and ideas large wooden terrace glass railings

decks and design ideas backyard playground wooden deck outdoor dining area

wooden deck terrace sun protection outdoor space design

decks and ideas wooden deck stairs dining and grille area

contemporary house slope garden outdoor pool deck area

contemporary house ideas wooden deck large dining area vertical plant wall

contemporary house exterior terrace deck lounge chairs

contemporary home exterior wooden deck trees

contemporary home courtyard wooden bench

contemporary home architecture wooden floor to ceiling windows

contemporary home architecture backyard outdoor area design wooden paths gravel

contemporary architecture decks and ideas garden pond

beach house deck open living room area

beach house garden sundeck swimming pool lounge chairs

beach house balcony flooring glass banisters

balcony ideas flooring outdoor furniture stylish sofas

balcony garden lounge chairs potted plants

balcony flooring outdoor furniture glass railings

balcony ideas dark flooring firplace stylish outdoor furniture

backyard landscape outdoor pool sundeck

backyard decks cushions outdoor poufs

backyard dining furniture

house ideas stairs

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