Outdoor Fire Pit: Important Recommendations, Material Options and Inspiring Design Ideas!

by Anjelina

Fire undoubtedly attracts us with its warmth and beautiful flames. Everything somehow feels much cozier around it. This is why the outdoor fire pit is increasingly preferred by people who have a garden in their homes. Apart from the undeniable aesthetic features, it has some practical ones too. Such an area is a favorite place to relax, to safely light a fire, and it can even allow you to cook over a fire. In today’s article, we’ll give you some safety tips as well as some outdoor fire pit ideas so that you can enjoy your spring evenings with your loved ones!

Important recommendations for building a fire pit in the garden

important recommendations for building a fire pit in the garden

Since we are talking about an open fire, all the requirements and safety rules should be considered first. We will let you know exactly what to pay attention to:

  1. Try to find a suitable location for the fire pit that is a safe distance (minimum 10 ft) from other buildings.
  2. Also, the outdoor fire pit should be at least 13 ft from trees and bushes. Under no circumstances locate it under large trees!
  3. The area must be free of flammable objects, dry grass and branches.
  4. The fire pit should not be near fences or neighboring properties.
  5. Never forget or leave the fire without your supervision!
  6. Keep firefighting tools and materials in an easily accessible place!

Design and material options

design and material options for outdoor fire pits


You will find many types of ready-made portable fireplaces on the market. The variety of shapes and designs will satisfy everyone’s preferences. The advantage of being able to move them to different places is not to be underestimated either!

In addition to mobile fireplaces, it is also possible to make a stationary fire pit. For this purpose, a variety of materials such as bricks, concrete, stone and others are used. In the following lines, we will look at the most common of them!

Brick fire pit for the do-it-yourselfers

wooden bench brick fire pit for the do it yourselfers

Do you want to cozy up your outdoors by installing a fire pit? Yet, the idea of hiring a contractor to carry out the project does not tempt you? In this case, it is important to note that there are many options to design such a structure yourself. For example, the construction of a fire pit using bricks is one of the simplest and most popular variants. Not only is this material easy enough to stack, but it also gives us the opportunity to make a hybrid model between the barbecue and the fireplace. Therefore, in order to improve its strength and durability, we can combine the bricks with mortar.

Outdoor concrete fire pit

how to make outdoor concrete fire pit

To make a concrete fire pit, you’ll need a little more skill! Of course, it’s not complicated if you’ve built similar structures before. All you need to do is dig a hole and put in the formwork. Then you pour the concrete mix, and to make the fire pit look more pleasing to the eye, you can line it with tiles or stone.

Black metal fire pit

small mobile black metal fire pit

Metal is another possible and very popular option. In fact, blackened metal models that impress us with their clean and minimalist silhouette are all the rage on the market today. This is hardly surprising since they fit perfectly into almost every style of decor. The blackened metal fire pit is, for example, an ideal complement to a modern exterior, designed in a contemporary spirit like industrial design. These types of fire pits add an elegant, sleek and modern touch to the space.

How do you choose the most suitable model for your exterior?

how to choose the most suitable fire pit for your exterior

When selecting the perfect model for your exterior, there are several criteria to take into consideration. For example, one of the first points to pay attention to are the shape and size of the fire pit. Generally, round models create the impression of a more cocooning atmosphere, while rectangular-shaped fire pits give a more refined look to the exterior.

In addition to the shape, don’t forget to choose the material so that it blends naturally with the rest of the decor. If, for example, you’re going for a warm, rustic look, wood or
or red brick models are a very suitable option. On the other hand, for a more modern and sophisticated look, metal or concrete fireplaces are the best solution.

Ideas and inspiration for an outdoor fire pit – Photo Gallery

outdoor fire pit idea spring garden

Fire pit made of bricks 

fire pit made of bricks budget friendly idea

Cozy atmosphere with hanging egg chairs around the fire

fire pit hanging egg chairs and lights for a cozy atmosphere

Portable small fire pit idea

portable small fire pit idea cozy outdoor nook

Round fire pit in a garden

round firepit area ideas stationary fire pit

Gorgeous spring BBQ idea

greens outdoor landscape architecture fire pit construction

Cozy outdoor fireplace

cozy outdoor fireplace to spend time with loved ones

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