Balcony Design Trends 2023 – Furniture, Decoration Tips and Ideas

by Kremy

In spring we start thinking about warm weather, spending time outdoors and enjoying the company of our friends and family. It is also time to think about our outdoor space. For city dwellers it is important to use every available space as practically as possible. The fact that you only have a balcony does not mean it cannot look fabulous, right? Are you looking for ideas that will help you make it more functional and useful? Let’s have a look at balcony design trends 2023 and see the novelties in furniture, decoration and accessories.

Balcony Design Trends 2023 – A Focus at Nature and Eco-Sustainable Exteriors

balcony design trends 2023 furniture decoration lighting ideas

What is trendy in balcony design? In 2023 Nature inspires not only furniture, but decoration as well. Indoor and outdoor spaces are designed in this stylistic direction to create a balanced and harmonious environment that unites furniture and decorative elements, lighting, upholstery and colors. Balcony design trends 2023 feature spaces for relaxation and well-being. Whether you will include a dining area, seating area with a trendy balcony sofa or a mini bar, your outdoor space must meet your needs and requirements for comfort.

Neutral and Warm Tones for Your Balcony Design in 2023

balcony design 2023 natural and neutral colors are trendy


As we mentioned, design trends are focused on naturalness and calmness which is reflected in the choice of color palette. Neutral colors remain trendy and it is unlikely to lose their position. A strong trend towards monochromatic designs is noticeable and we see outdoor spaces decorated in the gray or soft beige color scheme. The shades flowing into each other have a calming effect and the space looks cozy and relaxing. Small contrasting accents complement the monochromatic design.

Add a Touch of Color to Express Your Individuality

balcony design trends 2023 color options

Color accents give character and individuality to any space and this is valid for balcony design as well. If you have opted for trendy colors, a touch of color will attract the eye and break a monotonous look. Colorful upholstery, decorative pillows, floor cushions, wall art, vibrant blooming flowers – choose whatever pleases you to make your outdoor space more vibrant and livelier.

Minimalism Remains Trendy

what is trendy in balcony design 2023

“Less is more” describing minimalism as a stylistic concept is applied to balcony designs. Of course, this does not mean a bare space. On the contrary, balcony design trends 2023 combine the functionality and practicality of Scandinavian minimalism in creating a comfortable outdoor space where you have everything you need. The comfortable minimalism concept features furniture pieces in natural or neutral colors and basic lines.

latest trends in balcony design

Another noticeable balcony design trend in 2023 is the mix of contemporary and vintage. Retro elements create a bit of nostalgic atmosphere, bringing back childhood memories. Whether it is a vintage lantern, a basket filled with flowers or a rocking chair, these elements add to the coziness of the space.

Sun Protection Trends – Outdoor Curtains for Sun and Privacy Protection

balcony sun shade trendy ideas

Awning, umbrella, pergola, curtains? These elements are incredibly important for the balcony during the hot season. The market offers modern umbrellas and awnings in almost any color.

curtains provide sun and privacy protection

Curtains are returning to balcony design. They are functional, comfortable and lightweight curtains create a fresh look. In addition to the numerous design opportunities, curtains are a good choice for privacy protection.

Balcony Furniture Trends 2023: Rounded Shapes and Soft Lines

outdoor furniture trends 2023 round shapes

Balcony furniture trends 2023 feature soft, round shapes and pieces that have understated style. Natural materials like wood and rattan dominate and every piece is selected to make the outdoor space comfortable and visually pleasing.

outdoor furniture trends 2023

Metal furniture is a good choice for contemporary styled balconies. Straight lines and sharp corners are minimal and softened by the curvy shapes. Mix and match materials in outdoor furniture design is a huge trend.

Outdoor Lighting 2023 Ideas

outdoor space lighting ideas balcony trends 2023

There are many balcony lighting options. It all depends on your taste, preferences and practical necessity. Proper lighting allows you to use your outdoor area at night and adds to the atmosphere. If you want to add a romantic touch – go for fairy lights on the balcony.

balcony lighting design trends 2023

Despite the practical function, light can be used as decoration as well. Wall sconces, ceiling lights, table lamps, lanterns – mix the light sources to create a unique atmosphere on your balcony.

Balcony Design Trends 2023 – Incorporate Plants and Greenery

biophilic design balcony trends 2023

Biophilic designs are one of the biggest trends this year. Balcony plants are an integral part of any design. Flowers and green plants are the fresh touch to your outdoor space. What are the options? You can choose from large plants in pots, edible flowers, flowering plants, balcony herb gardens, hanging baskets – the options are so many. If you have a small balcony, go for a living wall!



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