Balcony Sofa Ideas – Create a Comfortable and Cozy Outdoor Space

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Balcony sofa ideas will help you arrange a cozy resting corner on the balcony and expand the living space of the apartment. Almost all modern apartments have a balcony and this is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day in the sun and evenings in the cool. How to choose a sofa for your balcony? Large or small, with or without pillows, outdoor sofas are available in a wide variety of materials as well as a wide variety of styles.

Balcony Sofa Ideas Cozy Outdoor Space

Many people would say – “Do I really need a sofa on the balcony?” or “My balcony is too small for a sofa.” Well, the good news is that even the smallest space can be furnished with a suitable model! The advantages of having a sofa on the balcony are undeniable. It provides comfort and turns an outdoor area into a real corner for relaxation. In addition, multi-functional models offer storage space which is a big plus for small balconies.

Balcony Sofa Ideas – How to Choose the Best Model for Your Home?

balcony design outdoor furniture ideas how to place a sofa


To choose balcony furniture, you need to know what the purpose of that space will be. Do you need a place to receive and entertain visitors, just a place for rest or a quiet reading corner?

The choice of each piece must take into account its functionality, comfort, available space and ergonomic design. The style of the furniture must be in accordance with the style and taste of those who use them every day. In addition, durability is very important because it will remain outside for a long time. When choosing a sofa for your balcony you need to take it into account:

  • dimensions;
  • shape;
  • design;
  • upholstery;

How to choose a sofa for your balcony buyers guide

On spacious balconies, with the help of a sofa, you can organize a full-fledged area for receiving guests or secluded relaxation. If you need a place to simply read a book, a small model with a soft back and armrests is enough. To receive guests, you will need three to four-seater upholstered furniture, complemented by a coffee table or cabinet.

Before buying a balcony sofa, you need to measure the available space and the dimensions of the door opening. Remember that a bulky sofa may look beautiful, but it takes up a lot of space and you may not be able to take it outside with a standard door opening.

modern balcony designs furniture ideas how to choose a sofa

The shape of the sofa is also important. Straight sofas are most appropriate for balconies, but if you have a large outdoor space, you can opt for a corner model.

The design and appearance of outdoor furniture in general, should be in harmony with your interior décor. Even the most beautiful and comfortable sofa will look out of place if it does not match the overall design of the home, color scheme, etc.

balcony furniture set modern home ideas

Upholstery is an important criterion that shapes an aesthetic perception and influences practicality. It should be practical and easy to maintain. In addition, it should be able to withstand elements. There are special acrylic and polyester fabrics for outdoor furniture that have excellent UV and water resistance, stain and mildew resistance, they dry quickly and are quite durable.

Balcony Sofa Ideas – What is the Best Material?

modern outdoor furniture ideas sofa on the balcony

There is no doubt that the material of your balcony sofa is very important for several reasons. On the first place it defines the visual aesthetics, durability and style of the furniture. See below some of the main materials currently used for balcony sofas and analyze which suits your needs:


balcony sofa ideas wooden outdoor furniture advantages

Wood is universal material and one of the preferred materials for outdoor furniture. Wood is cozy and welcoming, perfect for relaxing. If your balcony is open and exposed to rain and sun, you need to know that over time, wood loses its appearance due to exposure to moisture and heat. Durable wood species that do not deteriorate under the influence of changing weather conditions and are resistant to mold and pests are Cypress, Cedar, White Oak, Ipe, Mahogany, Teak, Acacia, Redwood. Pine, spruce and alder are less durable and furniture made of those must be impregnated.

DIY balcony furniture pallet sofa

Wooden pallets are great and affordable material for DIY projects. A pallet balcony sofa is an environmentally friendly solution and an effective way to turn an outdoor space into a cozy corner without much effort. Such a piece of furniture will look extremely impressive and original. DIY pallet furniture projects are a growing trend as they reuse natural materials.


bamboo garden furniture ideas

Bamboo is a great alternative to wood and super ecological material. It is durable, resistant to damage and will not swell or shrink due to atmospheric changes.

Natural Fiber

natural fiber balcony sofa ideas

Natural fiber sofas are those made from wicker, or rattan. This option is suitable for open and semi-open balconies. Balcony furniture made of natural fibers is beautiful and has a special charm. Wicker is resistant to moisture and tolerates wintering in the open air. However, if that is your choice, keep in mind that natural fiber requires periodic maintenance.

Synthetic Fiber

balcony sofa ideas materials options Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic fiber is a great choice for those who want a strong, beautiful and durable balcony sofa. The material does not have the quality of natural fiber but is more resistant and can be exposed to sun, wind and rain and even the salt air without suffering damage.

Aluminum outdoor furniture

aluminum furniture outdoor sofa set

Aluminum is an excellent outdoor furniture material. It is light, durable and resistant and is not afraid of elements. In addition to giving a more modern touch to the environment, they also resist rain, sun and wind.

Stainless steel

outdoor furniture ideas stainless steel set

Stainless steel, like aluminum, is durable and resistant, with the difference of being a higher cost material. It is lightweight and adds a modern sleek look to the design of your balcony.

How to Place a Sofa on the Balcony?

corner sofa on balcony round coffee table

Balcony sofa ideas show a wide variety of designs, they can be round, semicircular, square, rectangular or have a non-standard shape with a fairly wide back and armrests. The choice of design in most cases depends on the dimensions of the balcony.

Those who are lucky to have a large balcony can arrange their outdoor furniture any way they like. The sofa can be freestanding or placed along a wall.

how to place a sofa on the balcony

When you have a panoramic view balcony, a classic sofa along the long wall will allow you to enjoy the scenery outside the window.

On a small, narrow balcony the sofa can be placed against a short wall. In such cases, it is advisable to choose space saving compact sofa models, for example loveseat or settee. Built-in models are also a good option, especially if they have a storage compartment.

Corner sofas are the most practical model that does not clutter up the balcony space.

small balcony sofa ideas

A narrow sofa can be custom built so that it fits even on the tiniest balcony. It can be easily positioned along the walls and will provide seating for the homeowners to enjoy a summer evening.


balcony with sofa and round coffee table

balcony decor ideas wooden furniture set sofa armchair coffee table

balcony design and furniture ideas wooden sofa and coffee table

balcony furniture ideas hanging chair sofa ottoman

balcony sofa ideas home exteriors

cozy balcony ideas wooden furniture sofa side table

large sofa on the balcony with decorative pillows

small balcony ideas DIY sofa coffee table

small balcony sofa and umbrella modern home exteriors

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