Greek Wedding Theme Ideas – the Perfect Summer Celebration of Love!

by Kremy

The wedding is the most wonderful event in the life of any person and everyone wants this day not only to be remembered for a lifetime, but to be something truly special. There is nothing wrong with traditional weddings but the fact is that more and more couples want to spend their happiest day in some unusual style. Greek wedding theme ideas will certainly give you something to dream about!

Greek Wedding Theme Ideas Summer Celebration of Love

Greece is an amazing country that you can fall in love with at first sight. It is one of the most romantic locations, isn’t it? The smell of the sea, where the water is so transparent that the bottom is always visible, the bright, warm summer sun, leaving an even tan, spectacular sunsets and light cuisine are incredibly attractive. Is it a surprise that many couples want to go there to have a fabulous wedding?

It is not always possible to get married in Greece. However, it is quite possible to create a Greek vibe and all you need is to get inspired by the fabulous Greek wedding theme ideas that we selected for you!

Greek Wedding Theme Ideas Combine Traditions and Modern Life

Greek Wedding Theme Ideas arch decoration


Greece is a land of myths, olives, seafood and beautiful white temples. Romance, lightness and airiness – this is what a Greek wedding is. A traditional wedding in Greece is a very lush, noisy and crowded celebration, where there is a lot of music, songs and dances. The Greek bride, like a young goddess, captivates with her tenderness and splendor.

Greece is rich in interesting wedding traditions. Many of them, having undergone changes, have survived to this day. Traditionally, the Greeks celebrate three wedding days. The first is dedicated to a family celebration, the second is an official wedding, and the third is the time of a banquet, dancing and fireworks. Of course, when you want to re-create the atmosphere of a Greek wedding, you can do that by choosing proper color theme, decorations, outfits and we will help you with some fantastic ideas!

How to Organize a Greek Themed Wedding?

How to Organize a Greek Themed Wedding

It is not so difficult to organize an unforgettable Greek-inspired wedding celebration. Like with any other wedding, you need to choose a date, venue, color theme, décor, flowers, outfits for the bride and groom, menu, wedding favors, etc.

What Is The Perfect Time For A Greek Theme Inspired Wedding?

What is the perfect time for a Greek theme inspired wedding

Summertime is best for celebrating a Greek style wedding, allowing guests to wear light outfits to fully immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of Greece. Warm spring months are also suitable and if they do not promise heavy rains, the first months of autumn before the onset of cold weather. If you are planning to celebrate your wedding in winter, consider choosing the right venue.

Choose a Venue for Your Greek Themed Wedding

Greek Themed Wedding Venue Ideas

The Greeks love to celebrate on the banks of rivers or other bodies of water. You can do the same and create a unique atmosphere. A venue at the sea coast is the perfect choice. If in your city there is no suitable place, look for a square near a fountain or look for a restaurant with Greek cuisine, decorated with a columns and marble statues.

Select Greek style invitations

Greek style wedding invitations

Invitations should inform the guests about the theme and style of the wedding. Guests will undoubtedly be intrigued by Greek-style invitations. Prepare small manuscripts with old seals that show your initials or family monogram. Such a wedding invitation will become a memorable souvenir for the guests. Another option is cards in pastel colors with the image of olive branches – the symbol of Greece. A good and original solution would be invitation scrolls tied with an elegant ribbon. To make the scrolls look like old you can especially aged paper for invitations.

Greek themed wedding ideas – what are the suitable colors?

Greek wedding theme decorating ideas

Choosing a color palette for your wedding is important because they will set the atmosphere and the festive mood.

White and blue colors are traditional for Greece as it is known all over the world for its beautiful white and blue architecture. In addition, these are the perfect colors for a wedding at the beach so the combination is always a winner. These two colors are beautiful, simple and classic and you will find many decorative pieces, tableware and table accessories to use for your wedding.

White colors will look beautiful in combination with any soft shades. Azure, turquoise and ultramarine blue are also suitable shades.

A color scheme of blue and gold looks very rich and majestic. Golden Greek ornaments, pastel lemon-yellow palette will evoke associations with warm sand, gentle southern sun.

If you are planning a wedding in pastel colors, bright bridesmaid dresses can be an interesting color accent.

Greek Wedding Theme Decorating Ideas

Greek themed wedding ideas what are the suitable colors

Greek wedding style is always elegant, solemn and fresh. A Greek style wedding does not need a fancy decoration neither contrasting accents. Forget colorful balloons and ribbons because such decor is inappropriate for the theme. For a wedding in the Greek style natural details will become the main decoration – fresh flowers and garlands from natural materials are more suitable. Branches of olive and laurel will become a beautiful decoration.

Another option for decorating a Greek wedding is to opt for nautical style – tables in snow-white tablecloths, seashells and candles in transparent candlesticks. In the dark, this decor is especially magical!

According to ancient Greek customs, the bride and groom must pass under an arch made of fresh flowers, which is created especially for them. It symbolizes a happy family life and success in new endeavors.

Greek inspired wedding table decor ideas

Flowing light fabrics, geometric ornament in Greek style, structures reminiscent of antique columns, amphorae, olive branches, large shells, laurel, grape leaves, ceramic bowls, flowers – all these elements can be successfully used for decoration. Place large floor vases with bouquets of flowers in the banquet hall. Floral wreaths can be used to decorate walls and arches. As you know, the Greeks decorate their holidays with garlands of herbs and flowers – you can follow their example.

Greek-inspired wedding table decoration ideas are simply fabulous. Tables and chairs are usually covered with white fabric like organza and chiffon. Pay attention to the details. For example, glasses can be decorated with blue ribbons. Ribbons and draperies in white, blue and gold shades add style to your decor. The plates with the names of the guests can also be decorated with olive branches. Wine bottles can be successfully replaced with small amphoras. Statuettes stylized to resemble ancient Greek sculptural art will look very impressive as table decoration.

Bride Outfit Ideas – Be a Magnificent Goddess on Your Wedding Day

bride and bridesmaids Greek themed wedding ideas

A Greek-style bride should look as simple as possible, but at the same time graceful and elegant. Traditionally, the color for a Greek bride’s dress is white. You can also look at models in soft pastel shades like sand, beige or blush pink.

A classic dress in Greek style has a high waist, open shoulders and a long, flowing, floor-length skirt. Such dresses look gentle, elegant and suit any type of figure. Flowing fabrics will hide the flaws of overweight girls, and the unique empire silhouette will add a few desirable centimeters of height to low brides.

Grecian style wedding dresses ideas


The bride’s hairstyle in the Greek style has many variations, for every taste. It can be natural curls, half up half down, braids or a classic Greek bun. Use ribbons, pearls, fresh flowers or a discreet tiara as adornments for the Greek hairstyle.

Greek style wedding ideas bridal outfit hairstyle


Natural colors and emphasis on the eyes – this is how the makeup in Greek style should look like. For evening make-up, you can make light arrows. This will emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and add brightness.


Greek themed wedding ideas bride sandals

Most stylists believe that the image of a Greek bride is unthinkable without an elegant, lightweight sandal with a low cut. You can choose a model of any color from suede or genuine leather. If you still prefer high heels, look for something comfortable. Nothing should hinder your graceful movements.


Greek style jewelry should emphasize the nobility of the bride. Large earrings and bracelets with traditional ornaments will look very cool. When it comes to color, go for shades of copper and gold

greek style wedding hairstyle and accessories ideas

Bridal bouquet

For the bouquet, the bride can use any flowers of white or other delicate shades.

Groom’s suit

Groom attire ideas Greek themed wedding ideas

For a lightweight, fresh look, reminiscent of warm days, choose a suit of natural fabrics that do not wrinkle. A neat suit in beige, gray, cream or any other pastel shade will look great. Grooms who prefer a more informal look can opt for snow-white trousers and a shirt that look very cool against the background of a tanned body. A bright tie that matches the bride’s outfit and a boutonniere of the same flowers as the bouquet will complete the look. An equally suitable option for a Greek wedding would be a classic men’s suit in white or blue.

Greek inspired menu

Greek cuisine wedding buffet ideas

Greek cuisine is rich in vegetables, fruits, seafood and meat. Traditionally, for a wedding, they bake aromatic bread with spices (rosemary, basil, saffron, mint). Make sure to include some delicious Greek dishes in your wedding menu or buffet. From Greek salad to Taramasalata, from bowls with delicious olives, feta cheese, seafood – small dishes that are called “meze” and are usually served with alcohol to Moussaka, from Dolmades and grilled meat (souvlaki) to fresh fish, you will find a huge variety of dishes that will exceed your guests’ expectations.

Wedding favors

wedding favors for Greek themed celebration

You can highlight the Greek style of your wedding with themed wedding favors. Jordan almonds are the traditional favor given at weddings in Greece. You can put them in hand-knitted pouches or wrap them with an evil eye charm for good luck. Small jars of delicious olives or mini bottles of ouzo could be another option.

wedding table decoration ideas Greek themed party

When you choose a Greek wedding theme you will have a really special day that you will remember for its originality and solemnity.



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