Fascinating Wedding Chair Decoration – Creative and Original Ideas

by Kremy

Have a look at these amazing wedding chair decoration ideas which will help you decide what you want for your celebration. A wedding is not only a beautiful ceremony and a photo session. The organization includes many elements which create that unforgettable atmosphere of a truly special day. The wedding decor should match the moment, right?

wedding chair decor ideas greenery garland and satin ribbons

There are countless design options for chairs and absolutely any material can be used as a decor: fabric, ribbons, paper, lace, real or artificial flowers, wreaths, balloons, fruits and so on, depending on the theme of the wedding.

beautiful and elegant wedding chair decor ideas


When decorating a reception venue, designers try to pay attention to every little detail and create a beautiful mise en scène. The decoration wedding chairs requires no less attention than table decor. First of all, you should take care of the comfort of your chairs, and then decorate them. The decor should be stylish and festive, even unusual, but it shouldn’t create discomfort for your guests.

Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas – the Theme is Important

beach wedding ideas chair decoration with flowers

Beautifully decorated chairs will add a finishing touch to any banquet hall. The classic decor for wedding chairs is a variety of fabric covers, but we will show you some different ideas as well.

When you look at different wedding chair decoration ideas you will notice that the decor matches the style and color of the wedding. Non-standard solutions are also good, they will give your celebration a touch of individuality and a special atmosphere, but even the fans of proven classics can spice up a little the design of the decor.

greenery garlands as wedding chair decoration

As you know, wedding themes are as many and diverse as the wedding couples. Some newlyweds prefer a classic wedding, others choose a specific color or style – rustic, bohemian, shabby chic, romantic, retro… you name it!

The wedding décor reflects the theme and each style has its own features, materials and color scheme. For example, a rustic wedding décor is based on natural colors and materials – burlap, lace, wood, paper, etc. A décor for a beach wedding features the sea and sand colors – white, blue, turquoise, green, gold and numerous nautical or marine themed accessories – seashells, boats, rope, driftwood, etc.

In addition to all that, you need to think for the decoration of wedding isle chair and for the décor of the seating for the reception. Let’s have a look at some of the options!

Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas – Covers and Sashes

Wedding chair decoration ideas covers and sashes

A traditional and safe way to decorate chairs is to put on plain fabric covers. The uniform design brings an immediate festive feeling. Usually, the cover is in light color and the sashes are contrasting. Fabrics are a whole world, so you can safely choose your favorite color, thereby playing in contrast with light tablecloths and emphasizing the main color of the décor concept.

If you want to add a color accent and lightness, sashes for chairs will help you – this option is very popular for a wedding. And the variety of colors and textures allows you to embody any idea. A simple chair cover can be beautified easily with a satin or tulle sash, chiffon or sequin sash and a glamorous accessory like a pin or rhinestones.

How to Decorate Wedding Chairs with Flowers?

decorate wedding chairs with flowers

Flowers create an extraordinary atmosphere and make it more romantic. Chairs decorated with flowers look luxurious and modern. Twigs of climbing plants can be combined with roses or other flowers. One large flower or several small ones can become the center of the composition. Ornamental greenery, wildflowers, tree branches – you can use all the gifts of nature, if, of course, the theme of the wedding allows. Remember that your flower arrangements should not create discomfort for guests: the scent should be light and neutral, and the flowers should not come into contact with clothes. Wreaths are another option for plant decoration and are an excellent option for weddings in eco-style, rustic, boho chic, etc.

Wedding Chair Decoration with Ribbons

Wedding chair decoration with ribbons

Ribbons are freedom, the spirit of the wind and the sun. It may sound very unusual, but chairs decorated with ribbons look beautiful. Satin and tulle ribbons look very stylish. Several ribbons of different shades of the same color will create an ombre effect. This type of wedding chair decoration is a great DIY project, especially if you are on a tight budget. You can use plain or bright multi-colored ribbons. Ribbons look organic in shabby chic, Provence, hippie, rustic, and at any summer wedding, especially if it is in the open air. Ribbons fluttering in the wind are a wonderful sight.

Beads as Wedding Chair Decoration

Beads as wedding chair decoration

Decorating with beads is also an interesting idea. Feel free to use them to decorate your wedding. Such decoration is perfect for classic, retro, Art Deco or vintage themed weddings.

Decorating Chairs with Fruits

Decorating chairs with fruits

Decorating chairs with fruits is a stylish and creative idea that will definitely be noticed and appreciated by your dear guests. Fruit can be strung on strings and hung on the backs of chairs. You can also make fruit garlands that are very convenient to hang on furniture.

Paper Decorations for Your Wedding Chairs

paper decorations for your wedding chairs

You can make very beautiful paper decorations, especially if you know the quilling technique, but even if you are not skilled, there are many easy DIY projects to choose from!

Decorating with Balloons

balloons wedding chair decorating ideas

This is the easiest way possible. All you need to do is buy and inflate the balloons and tie them to the backs of chairs. Do not get carried away! To avoid a children’s birthday look, you should not use more than one balloon per chair.



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Fascinating Wedding Chair Decoration Creative and Original Ideas

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