Rose gold wedding ideas – a perfect combination of tenderness and luxury

by Kremy

rose gold wedding ideas sequin tablecloth floral centerpieces

We have selected exceptional rose gold wedding ideas which can be an inspiration the celebration of your own special day. The color scheme of the wedding is especially important as it determines the atmosphere that will be created at the celebration. A decor in rose gold has a special charm, combining tenderness, luxury, innocence, sophistication and aristocracy. These are the ideal colors for spring and summer weddings, you can use them in different themes as well. Without any doubt, such a wedding will be a unique event that both you and your guests will remember for a long time!

rose gold wedding color scheme table decorating ideas flowers tea candles


How to organize such an exquisite celebration? How to decorate the venue and the tables? What are the suitable flowers and centerpieces? We shall give you the answers as well as ideas for the look of the bride and groom, bridesmaid’s dresses, wedding cake, etc.


Rose gold wedding ideas – an exquisite luxury for your special day

elegant table wedding decoration gold and rose wedding ideas

When couples choose the color palette of their wedding, they select their favorite colors or the specific shades for the theme. For example, beach and marine theme weddings are based on blue, turquoise, white, sandy shades, beiges, red accents, etc. Rose gold wedding ideas have always symbolized the golden brilliance and the union of pink which is the symbol of love, innocence and tenderness and the gold, which symbolizes wealth, luxury and aristocracy. As a result of this combination, a delicate color scheme is born which unites glamor, royal chic and delicate tenderness.

DIY wedding decoration bottles and flowers

Choosing rose gold color scheme allows you to escape from the traditions in the most elegant way. These colors immediately set the tone and mood for the whole wedding. Sensuality, romance and refinement are in the air. The unique decoration in rose gold can be included in the basic details – the color of the furniture, chair decorations, flickering tablecloths, frosted candlesticks, dishes or cutlery. Decorative vases or pots painted in pink and gold combined with delicate flowers, will make the wedding decor really exceptional.

The colors can be used for the bride’s bouquet as well as for other wedding accessories which enhance the personality and the femininity of the bride. Wedding cake and other confectionery, rose champagne, etc, etc… There are numerous ways to use the colors and we shall give you brilliant examples.


Inspirational rose gold wedding decoration ideas

rose gold wedding decoration sequin drapery and tablecloth

Rose gold color scheme works well with other shades. Depending on the preferences of the bride and groom, it is possible to use various combinations and shades of pink and gold – from muted pastel colors to the most vivid colors. When decorating a banquet hall in rose gold, the addition of colors like white or ivory is allowed as well. This combination can also be used to decorate the wedding arch.

When planning your rose gold wedding decor, it is very important to pay special attention to the amount of metallic sheen. You should not overdo the gold as there is a danger of creating a tasteless and pompous look. Experts recommend choosing a soft pastel pink as a main color and use gold as spectacular accents. Do not be afraid to use sequins and rhinestones but again, do it with measure.

wedding table centerpiece ideas gold painted bottles and flowers

In creating a decor for a wedding in a rose and gold palette the use of floral arrangements and fabrics suitable in color and texture to the style of the wedding will be of great help. The fabric can beautifully drape the walls and ceiling of the room. Flower arrangements and bouquets in white and delicate pink will look great in gilded vases and can be used as table centerpieces. Here are some other rose gold wedding decoration ideas:

  • gilded arch decorated with pink flowers;
  • gilded chairs decorated with satin ribbons;
  • gold lamps or balloons which will look beautiful on pink or white wall drapery;
  • gilded candlesticks – these are a great choice for creating a romantic atmosphere;
  • string lights along the walls and ceiling;
  • pink tablecloths combined with dishes with a gilded border or gold accessories like table numbers, candlesticks, etc.;
  • pink flowers in golden vases;
  • glasses with a gilded edge trim, etc.

Rose and gold wedding invitations, flowers and bridal bouquet ideas

rose gold wedding invitation ideas

Wedding invitations are among the main accessories. They not only express your desire to share this special moment of the newlywed couple with family and friends, but will give a hint to the guests of the wedding theme. That is why it is best if you chose rose gold wedding invitations. It can be pink cards decorated with gold stamping or prints. The text of the invitations can also be written in gold letters and decorated with beautiful details like lace, pearls, satin ribbons, glitter, etc.

rose gold wedding decoration ideas table decor floral centerpiece

Wedding flowers for rose gold weddings can be a wonderful addition to the basic decor concept. It is worth thinking about contrasting floristry or choosing well-highlighted shades so that the flowers do not get lost among the glittering gold and pink shades. For example, bouquets of white roses with tender pink buds will look very elegant in floor vases and table centerpieces. White callas and juicy green leaves will also create a sophisticated look. They can be combined with strands of beads or satin ribbons. Bouquets and floral centerpieces look great in the company of candles or tea candles and their soft glow will add to the romantic atmosphere.

rose and gold fabric flower bouquet bridal bouquet ideas

As far as the bridal bouquet is concerned, there are many options to choose from. If the bride wears a dress in blush pink, white flowers with gold satin ribbons is a good choice. If the outfit is classic, then you can give preference to delicate pink and white flowers like roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus (buttercup), peonies, etc. The flowers can be decorated with gold brooches and the leg of the bouquet – with a lovely satin or lace ribbon. Whichever you choose, just make sure that the bridal bouquet blends with the overall style and color scheme of the celebration.


Rose and gold wedding ideas – bride and groom outfits, bridesmaid dresses and accessories

bridal dress for rose gold wedding bride and groom attire ideas

Without any problem the bride can be in a snow-white dress. It can have rose gold decorative elements like a belt with a bow, embroidery, a cape, etc. A blush pink dress decorated with golden details is also a perfect choice for the theme of the wedding. Additional accessories for the wedding dress like shoes, garters, makeup, manicure, etc. should also be in pink and gold. Rose gold wedding dresses may not be as popular as traditional white, yet this does not make them less gorgeous. If you are not afraid of the idea that the wedding dress will not be white, then feel free to choose rose gold colors. The bride may also choose a pink ombre dress which will look very gentle and unobtrusive.

elegant rose gold wedding shoes bridal look ideas

Bridal shoes come in a plethora of models. The bride can choose white, pastel pink, decorated with gold and even ballerina shoes in rose gold sequins for the party after the ceremony.

rose gold wedding color scheme groom accessories boutonniere and tie

The outfit of the groom should be stylish and of high quality. Forget about a pink suit or a gold jacket as this is the easiest way to cross the line of good taste! Choose an outfit in dark and light pastel shades (suit and shirt), and a boutonniere in the same colors as the bride’s bouquet. Rose gold cufflinks and a tie clip are suitable as accessories. The tie of the groom should be in harmony with the bride’s wedding dress.

bridesmaid dresses ideas rose gold wedding color scheme

The outfits of the bridesmaids and friends of the groom should match the appearance of the newlyweds. The most popular option for the bridesmaids for rose and gold wedding theme are dresses in pastel pink colors if the bride wears a white dress, or golden dresses if the bride’s outfit is in pink.


rose gold theme wedding rings wedding accessories

Rose and gold wedding accessories provide a wide variety of choices. Starting from the table numbers, numbers, menus, wedding programs, party favors, etc. and finishing with bridal jewelry and wedding rings. Of course, the rings are an integral part of any wedding ceremony. Rose gold is often used in jewelry and the bride can complement her ring with hair accessories, earrings, belt or necklace made of rose gold.

Rose gold wedding cake

rose gold wedding cake decorated with flowers

A delicate and stylish wedding cake in rose gold will be the perfect final chord of the wedding evening. The cake is the most awaited treat and you can choose anything that complements the color scheme. White cake decorated with gold and pink edible jewelry, a pink cake decorated with gold flowers and vice versa. Usually, newlyweds opt for white and gold tiered cake and details in pink shades, most often – fresh flowers.




wedding tables decor ideas rose and gold wedding chairs

glamorous rose gold wedding ideas table decoration with sequin tablecloth

wedding dresses in rose gold

rose gold wedding ideas exceptional bridal dressesrose and gold wedding decoration ideas balloons festive atmosphere

Earrings for the bride wedding in rose gold accessories

Wedding accessories jewelry made of rose gold for the bride

beautiful belt with rhinestones in rose gold bridal accessories


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