A futuristic idea – Insect inspired outdoor furniture collection

by Kremy

Beautiful side table teak wood stainless steel legs designer furniture

Abstract shapes, futuristic appearance – this is the first thing that comes to your mind when looking at the new insect inspired outdoor furniture collection, presented by Deesawat. The Thai manufacturer showed his latest pieces in Paris. All of them resemble different insects, but not in a creepy way.

original outdoor patio teak furniture table design idea steel legs


The tables from the outdoor furniture collection of Deesawat are made of teak wood. The table legs are made of high-gloss stainless steel. The shapes are organic, abstract and very realistic. The precise manufacturing creates an optical illusion – the tables look like as if they are moving. They look like giant insects that crawl on the meadow. The wooden tables can be used in many ways – they can be placed as accents both in the garden, and in the interior. The small stool from the collection reminds of a mosquito while the tables have a clear resemblance to a beetle, a grasshopper, etc.

Teak garden furniture table grasshopper shape

Whether as a side table or as a small coffee table, or even as a small table for the reading corner – they fit anywhere. This furniture collection impresses with the sculptural shapes and can even be placed in customer reception rooms. The tables can be combined with both plastic and leather furniture. The company has long been known. Deesawat in Asia is famous for its modern and stylish pieces. The company was founded in 1970 and nowadays is one of the market leaders in the furniture industry in Asia. The reason for popularity is not only due to the fanciful designs, but also for the precise manufacturing. The manufacturer has his own production hall where more than 200 employees work and the pieces is of very high quality. In recent years the product line has been developed and now they doors and flooring are added to the products list. But the trademark remains the comfortable office chairs and the comfortable overstuffed chairs with which the brand has become famous.

modern outdoor furniture design insect stainless steel legs

 modern outdoor furniture collection insect inspired mosquito shape

garden furniture table insect inspired form cool idea teak wood

contemporary outdoor collection patio furniture from Thailand

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