Wall and ceiling lights by Brokis designed like colorful air balloons

by Kremy

colorful wall and ceiling lights Brokis living room

These fascinating wall and ceiling lights are called “Memory” and the collection is the profuct of the imagination of designer Boris Klimek for the Czech manufacturer Brokis. The design immediately returns our childhood memories for fun and joy, as the lamps look like real balloons. If you see these beautiful glowing balloons for the first time, the words that immediately will come to your mind would be playful, colorful and imaginative.

 Wall and ceiling lights “Memory” from Brokis

wall and ceiling lights Brokis air balloons memory collection


This colorful collection of wall and ceiling lights create a playful atmosphere, especially if several pieces of different sizes and colors are combined together. The hanging string of the balloons is actually used as a switch. Made of triple-ply opal glass, the luminous balloons have a shiny surface. The design is available in two versions on the market – it can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. The lights are also available in three different diameters and in nine different colors. White, yellow, orange, red, gray, apple green, light pink and turquoise blue. This diversity offers many great combinations and design possibilities for any room in the house.

Wall and ceiling lights like balloons

ceiling lights kids room memory lamps Brokis air balloons

These fascinating wall and ceiling lights are not just for kids. You can also make a good use of them in public spaces, clubs or as interior accents in public recreation areas. The more of them you combine, the better they look! Brokis offers a greate variety in terms of size and color and gives us the opportunity to let our imagination run wild and create our own “memories” with these fabulous, lucent and colorful balloons.


wall and ceiling lights Brokis air balloons living room lighting

Ceiling lights can be used in any room of the house

wall and ceiling lights Brokis air balloons designer boris klimek


“Memory” collection is offering a variety of colours

ceiling lights air balloons bathroom by Brokis

An exciting accent in every room

air balloons boris klimek Brokis yellow white

 Convenient switch on/off by using the cord

merry lights Brokis air balloons green white

 You can make your own color combination

Brokis air balloons variety of colors

ceiling lights air balloons memory collection brokis

wall lights air balloons memory collection brokis

wall lights air balloons memory collection brokis orange

pink Brokis air balloon lights

wall and ceiling lights design bright air balloons brokis

wall and ceiling lights memory collection boris klimek

boris klimek air balloons brokis yellow purple lights

memory collection modern lighting design



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