Small garden design – tips and ideas for a relaxing oasis in the yard

by Kremy

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If you have a small outdoor area and there to create a small garden, then you need to use the space as efficiently as possible. To create a sense of elegance and spaciousness, plant flowers in bright colors, such as white, blue and pink. Intense colors would appeal to people with a more active nature. By all means you need a detailed plan for your green paradise. Here we want to give some useful tips for the small garden design. If you follow them, you will be able to enjoy a small oasis of tranquility for yourself, your family and friends.

Small garden design principles –  symmetry

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Very often people think they have great ideas and can easily create a smaller garden design. Small spaces are deceptive and you may find out that you cluttered your outdoor space with excessive amount of plants and decoration elements. If you put many small items in a small, enclosed space, it will look even smaller and tighter. This is the first thing that you need to avoid. In such cases, the most effective principles of symmetry should be applied, which means that clean, sharp lines must prevail. How can you achieve that? To attract the attention and provoke a sense of perfection, you may plant a rose bush and add evergreen boxwood around.

Small garden design – Privacy and sun protection with attractive climbing plants and shrubs

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Rose bushes may have another function, apart from the decorative one. They may hide the corner where you can relax on a nice bench under a rose covered cozy arch. Such a view makes people want to come closer and find out what else is in this area that remains invisible to the eyes. White gravel placed around the fence visually expands the outdoor space and creates the illusion of spaciousness. Four pillars of climbing plants in flowerpots wound not only serve as a symmetrical accent, but also as an element of the vertical garden.
Our advice: When you plan a modest garden design, it is advisable to plant same plants species in all four containers.

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When you create a small circular garden, that will use the available space optimally. This design has an interesting optical effect: long and narrow areas seem more spacious. The dynamic look of this garden is based on the difference in size of the different areas. The size of the circle determines the practical purposes of the individual zones.
Our Note: Do not break the general harmony of the circular outline, if it were possible. Arrange a deck which is surrounded by a circular lawn with flower beds. Place a small bench at the border where the soil is covered with white gravel, and fragrant flowers and shrubs all around it. The final touch would be trees with round shaped crowns.

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The areas around the house are often not only small, but also narrow and long. This allows you to use various kinds of design in order to accent on the importance of one area or another. When you design a small and narrow garden you can use abstract shapes as they will add individuality to the plot. A composition of circles or triangles will add a dynamic feeling. Traditional symmetry is also suitable and an easy way to design a narrow garden. Straight lines are especially popular for formal garden designs. A series of separate zones and areas in a long and narrow garden has a great visual appeal and adds a unique character to the outdoor area. In a mini-garden you may have a deck which serves as an open space for rest and relaxation. For a stronger effect, add a comfortable bench under the tree branches. Green trellises with widespread plants on solid walls or thick hedges can enrich the look of your garden, if you have enough space for it.

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A family with small children should not forget about the little ones in the garden design. Try to organize a playground with a sandpit, swings and a play area for the kids, to the extent it is possible. Many families make bigger playgrounds, depending on their hobbies, where adults and children can have fun together.

Important Tip: Remember that the playground area should be visible from all sides of the house.

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