Climbing plants on balconies and decks – screening and greening

by Kremy

Balconies and decks decorating ideas colorful

There is something magical about a climbing plant in a garden. They have a wild look and look much more natural than planters, standing like soldiers in a row. Climbing plants can grow on balconies and decks and have a practical use. They serve as a dense privacy and adorn small corners of your balcony or a bare column on the terrace.

Climbing plants on balconies and decks

green wall creeping plants white sofa deck lanterns


Vines and climbing plants that grow vertically occupy areas that you would otherwise never use. They create privacy and provide a pleasant shade. Your only problem might be that you can not grow all the desired species.

Ideas for balconies and decks

Balconies and decks floor tiles creeping plants metal railing

Climbing plants in planters with trellises create a movable folding screen that provides privacy and shade on your balcony. For a year-round green screen, select perennial climbing plants such as Carolina jasmine (Gelsemium sempervirens) or trumpet vine (Bignonia radicans). They grow in the sun or in partial shade, but Carolina jasmine flowers better in the shade while trumpet vine blooms better in full sun. The Chocolate vine (Akebia quinata) and evergreen clematis (Clematis armandii) are both fast-growing varieties. Both feel well in full sun and in shade.

White Chinese Wisteria

white wisteria shadow decoration deck pergola

You can plant black-eyed Susan plant in balcony box planters. Its sunny yellow flowers are a beautiful decoration idea for the balcony. The bindweed is also very easy to maintain and embellishes balconies and decks with its magical blue trumpets. And of course, our favorite variety – Wisteria, which is perfect for your patio.

Balcony decorative plants facade greening


Climbing plants are a favorite of many gardeners because of the incredible visual appeal. Blossoming species are a magnificent dеcor when they cover the balcony or the patio with a whole palette of colors in the flowering period, when they are covered with delicate flowers. Climbing plants can help you disguise the facade, plaster and imperfections on the outside of the house. They are comfortable because they require no special care. On the other hand they can ruin the plaster on the house facade because they retain moisture.

Planted metal construction

Balconies and decks creeping plants construction lanterns

Wooden trellises on the balcony

Balcony wooden lattice creeping plants flowerpots

Climbing plants on the railing

metal railings balcony creeping plants rattan furniture

 Gazebo and ethnic motifs

Patio shade garden pergola privacy protection ethno pattern

White wall decorated with climbing plants

patio design white furniture wall greening

 Privacy and beautiful decoration idea

creeping plants wooden pergola privacy protection

Bright purple blooms

Climbing plants balcony greening magic purple facade

Small dining area in the garden

Balconies and decks creeping plants dining table

 Privacy in the garden

Balconies and decks wooden screen privacy protection

Balcony plants decorate purple white railing




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