Balcony privacy ideas with bamboo plants and reed mats

by Kremy

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In an apartment with a balcony you have a beautiful outdoor space, but little privacy from your neighbors. That’s why we offer you some decorative choices and apartment balcony privacy screen ideas so that you do not feel so exposed. Balcony privacy protection with bamboo plants and reed mats –  two flexible ideas that you can easily remove later if you are not allowed to build on the balcony.

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Bamboo varieties are usually evergreen with woody stems, which are among the fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo plants have a natural look and come in a number of varieties. But you must choose carefully, as some varieties have different growth forms. Bamboo plants can be used as a balcony privacy protection by adding them to a plant pot. They need to be re-potted or divided every few years, so they do not break their container. Like all other potted bamboo plants, they need good drainage, regular watering and fertilization, and protection from winter weather.

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Bamboo screens and reed mats are lightweight and relatively easy to install. They are a great, affordable choice for those who want to protect their balcony or deck. Bamboo screens offer not only style and privacy, but they can also block the sun and provide cooling to the balcony on hot days. They are not completely tight, which can create a pleasant game of light. The reed mat can be secured to the railing with cable ties or clamps. Attach it firmly, because bamboo is light and can fly off in a storm if it is not fixed well.

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A privacy screen for balcony made of bamboo and reed look very exotic and reeds are available at many stores. As natural materials, they are also very flexible and water resistant. The screens are not opaque blinds, but they create beautiful light effects, when the sun shines through. The only downside is that they wear out relatively quickly and must be replaced after about five-six years. When using bamboo or reed privacy screens you need to know, that the materials are flammable, so make sure you took the necessary safety precautions.

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