Bamboo balcony privacy screen – design ideas for a feng shui style

by Kremy

Bamboo balcony privacy screen balcony design

We will show you creative and original ideas on how you can arrange bamboo balcony privacy screen. Be inspired by these designs and choose one that suits your style of living.

Bamboo folding privacy screen upholstered furniture


If you are a fan of naturalness and have decided to get a bamboo balcony privacy screen, you can build such screen by yourself. You need to bind the railing and that’s it. People who like interesting design ideas that can build a fence made of bamboo. Wood branches at different heights give the design a modern look and ensure the privacy for a perfect Zen garden. If you are a hobby gardener and have interest in bamboo landscape, you can buy the trees and put them in planters on the balcony. The green vegetation will ensure the necessary protection of your space.

Bamboo trees rooftop protection secure

For a personalized outdoor space you must reconcile the privacy with the overall concept. Pebbles, stone tiles and of course a small fountain will create the necessary mood for the Feng Shui garden. If necessary, you can transform the bamboo balcony privacy screen and use the plant boxes in the living room as decoration in winter. For achieving a maximum effect, buy wooden garden furniture from rattan or bamboo. You will be in line with the overall concept. Leave free space on the balcony so you can enjoy your time outdoors. Flowing water is always relaxing – so you can opt for a decorative fountain.

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