Gifts for Mothers Day – DIY Bouquet of sweets

by Kremy

Mothers Day gift DIY fruit bouquet

You can quickly and easily give pleasure to your dear mother with a DIY idea for crafting  gifts for Mothers Day. Here we offer 2 creative ideas for bouquets – from fruits and chocolate sweets. The materials needed are easy to find and the techniques – easy to implement. Get inspired from the ideas and surprise your mother with a handmade gift on this special day.

DIY Gifts for Mothers Day  – an exceptional fruit bouquet

fruit bouquet DIY gift


For the first project you will need: fresh fruits like pineapple, strawberries, grapes and melons. Cookie shapes like flowers, kebab sticks and a vase. A small basket with a matching bath sponge as a basis can also work well to stick the chopsticks. For an even sweeter effect, you can also dip the strawberries in chocolate.

Gifts for Mothers day DIY pineapple flowers

fruit bouquet fun craft melon balls

Gifts DIY fruits cut


Gifts for Mothers day DIY fruit bouquet strawberries pineapple

Gifts DIY fun craft fruit bouquet

How to make a fruit bouquet DIY gifts for Mothers Day ideas

DIY gifts for Mothers Day easy ideas fruit bouquet ideas

DIY fruit bouquet gifts ideas

DIY Beautiful bouquet from Ferrero Rocher sweets

Gift bouquet sweets

Everyone knows that women love chocolate and sweets. For this reason, this combination is a brilliant gift idea for Mother’s Day. A colorful bouquet of flowers and chocolate sweets in one, and indeed given away in a creative way. Follow the instructions below and surprise your dear mom. The idea for a personal gift is also perfect for any other occasion, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Instructions for a beautiful handmade bouquet

Gifts for Mothers day craft materials

DIY sweets bouquet ferrero roche

Gifts for Mothers day DIY bouquet sweets

Gift chocolate sweets

Crafts ideas gifts for Mothers bouquet

Craft ideas sweets flowers

chocolate sweets tutorial

chocolate sweets band cut

Sweets step by step tutorial

chocolate sweets and flowers bouquet

sweets flowers making ferrero rocher

Mothers Day DIY craft ideas

flower sweet chocolate ferrero rocher


 gift ideas DIY paper flower tulip in vase

gift ideas chocolate sweet bouquet ideas glass vase


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