Pergola in the garden – 10 interesting ideas for wooden arbors

by Kremy

pergola in garden ideas light wood

Check out these ten interesting ideas for pergola in the garden and get inspired for your own outdoor design. The gazebo gives more structure and order. It is especially convenient if you build the gazebo near the house. In this way, it will be easier to install electricity and other conveniences. Thus, the outdoor space is better defined, it would be best if the arbor is higher. A solid floor under the arbor is beneficial to the seating area.

Individualize the pergola in the garden

pergola in ideas white Greek


Let your pergola in the garden have a more individual and interesting look by avoiding the typical style. Stain the wood in white and combine the classic style with other elements. As an example, the shed on the picture looks especially opulent and interesting with the columns in Greek style.

Pergola in the garden – combine materials

pergola in the garden ideas glass elements

To make the pergola in the garden more interesting and individual, you are welcome to mix the wood with other materials. In this case, you may see a very interesting design. The lattice construction with block shapes was filled with slabs of thick glass. You can leave a pair of empty spaces  so that the fresh spring breeze runs smoothly through the design and offers a refreshment.

A natural extension of wood over the entrance

pergola in the ideas for garden design

A shed over the seating area provides shade and tranquility

pergola in the ideas patio design sitting area


Pergola made ​​of dark wood with round shapes

pergola in the ideas for garden arbor dark wood round

A roof of roses on the pergola

pergola in the ideas for arbor many plants

 The shed as a transition zone between two areas

pergola in the ideas for arbor lattice grid

Leave the roof uncovered and enjoy the sky

pergola in ideas for arbor natural wood

Classic style and elegance in the garden

pergola in the ideas for arbor romantic design



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