Modern garden lighting – exciting ideas and practical advice

Japanese garden lighting

Design is not limited to the indoor space. People who want to have a nice house may be know that it also needs a beautiful garden with swimming pool, elegant outdoor furniture and decorative plants and flowers. To create this beautiful design you need the right garden lighting.

Modern garden lighting – flower pots

Interesting garden lighting ideas flower pots

The modern garden lighting offers many interesting designs that can hardly be summed up in an article. In theory, you can divide the light into two – on one hand, attractive and large lamps are available which serve as decoration. On the other hand is a subtle lights that accentuates key features of the design. The first type includes avant-garde lamps or lanterns that attract the gaze. The built-in LED lights illuminate important architectural features – pool, facade or exotic plants.

 Brilliant ideas for modern garden lighting

exotic fountain lighting romantic atmosphere

Lanterns or candle holders are original additions and combine tradition and modernity. Retro style is very popular in garden lighting design, and this unusual lamp creates a romantic atmosphere in any garden. You can put these in the corners or on the two sides of the road.

Elegant garden lighting adds accents

lantern torches modern garden design

Candle holders or torches are a successful decoration for outdoor and scatter light in the warm summer evenings. There are now many types of designs available, so you should first speak with a professional so that there is no danger when using those. This garden lighting is basically unsuitable for families with small children.

Luxury outdoor lights

Disco ball modern garden lighting

Luxury and stylish design offers outdoor lighting for good mood. Club candlesticks are innovative decision and looks great near the pool so that the water can reflect the light and is great for parties. Garden lighting should be selected in accordance with the house and exterior design. High lamps look good on low grass. Small LED lights should be well hidden. It is advisable that the selection should be limited to 1-2 models, so the overall vision does not look too crowded.

Beautiful lights with innovative design

Luxury garden design elegant lamps

If the outdoor area is very well designed – with lots of flowers, trees and shrubs, the lighting should be kept simple. Conversely – if you need exciting accents in the yard, you can buy fancy models. Stones, fountain, swimming pool, or flower beds need extra lights. A lamp on the table is a must. Neon colors are very popular, but they are not suitable for all garden type. We offer some examples as inspiration for modern lighting.

Elegant facade lamps

modern facade lighting

When you plan and design your garden lighting it is important to take into consideration that all equipment has to be easy and convenient to operate and maintain as well as durable and safe in different weather conditions. Plan the outdoor lighting carefully in order to avoid areas which are flooded by light as the neighboring areas will look too dark. Remember that it is much easier to move from a dark place to a bright area so the main light accents should be the facade of the main building, the pergola, patio, trees, shrubs, water features.

 Interesting LED lamps

interesting garden LED lighting

 Elegant design ideas

 modern lamps garden design

 Matching lights for a Japanese style garden

Elegant modern lamps garden


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