How to grow boxwood topiary – decorating ideas for home and patio

by Kremy

round boxwood topiaries different sizes home decoration

A boxwood topiary is a fantastic decoration for any home. Inside or outside, boxwood topiaries are an immediate eye-catcher and a conversational piece.

how to cut boxwood topiary ideas shapes


Like any other plant, topiaries need a good cut and care. The trick is to know what and when to cut.

  Decorative boxwood topiary – shapes and sizes

Spiral topiary plants patio decoration plant containers

A symbol of beauty and charm, a boxwood topiary is undoubtedly an accessory in the interior of the home and a gorgeous decorative asset for the patio or the garden.

modern patio decoration boxwood topiaries large plant containers

Boxwood topiaries are especially suitable for small gardens or balconies and will please the eye of your guest.

adorable boxwood topiaries spiral round shapes

The most popular shapes of topiaries are the round and the spiral shape. Geometric shapes like cubic or triangular also gain popularity.

how to cut a boxwood topiary garden decorating ideas

Experienced gardeners or simply gardeners with a lot of imagination and creativity create spectacular shapes and sculptures. We shall give you some tips and ideas how to plant and take care for a decorative topiary for your home or patio.

Decorative boxwood topiary – practical tips and ideas


patio decorating ideas boxwood topiaries plant containers round shapes

Plant your boxwood topiary in a large container. Water your topiary regularly so that the plant has enough moisture to grow.

patio decoration ideas boxwood topiary white wood containers

Topiaries in containers require fertilizing so make sure you get a balanced fertilizer.

patio deck decor wooden planters boxwood topiaries outdoor decoration

Shape the topiary with shears. Use sharp shears to prune you topiary.

easy topiary shapes spiral patio decoration ideas plant containers

Remember that topiaries, like any other plant, need light and air so make sure you position them to the right spot.

Boxwood topiaries are suitable for indoor or outdoor decoration

small boxwood home decorating ideas flower pot

Classic spiral shape

spiral topiary home decorating ideas patio tips

 Classic round shape

round boxwood topiaries different sizes outdoor decoration

Boxwood topiaries can have various shapes and sizes

live boxwood topiaries shapes size care

boxwood shapes cube shape plant container

boxwood shapes how to grow a topiary

boxwood tips ideas patio decoration ideas

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