Small garden design, tips and tricks how to make it look bigger

by Kremy

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The garden is an additional living space. Favorite pastime of many people is gardening on a balcony or a terrace. In a limited area the good planning and organization are in fact the most important requirements for a sensational design and optimum space utilization. There are a few tips and tricks that we can give you if you want your small garden design to have a visual effect of a large garden.

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How can you create a small garden design, so that you win space visually? Think of optical boundaries! They ensure that the small outdoor space can not be understood at a glance. There are many ways to divide the land into small plots – integrate bedding plants or potted plants, greening the balcony space; arrange different height levels with a leafy wall, shrubs or climbing plants.

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When you plan a small garden layout climbing plants are a good choice. If space is limited, take climbing plants and use the third dimension. Climbing roses, ivy, vines, clematis are beautiful, attractive, require little space and are very versatile. Provide climbing grids made of wood or metal. Herb and vegetable garden are experiencing a renaissance today. All vegetable lovers can grow climbing vegetables such as squash, pole beans or cucumbers in your garden. Ripe fruits and tasty vegetables with their blossoms are a fresh addition in the outdoor area.

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If you make a small garden, you do not waive lush greenery and colorful flowers. However, pastel-colored flowers are better for a small garden, because they merge to create an optical illusion of a deeper and larger space. A round seat makes the space look bigger. For flooring, use small plates or stones. Lay a carpet to provide more security. Use a mirror surface in order to create an illusion of a larger garden.

Small Garden Design Decorating Ideas shoes flower pots

When you plan a small garden you should leave a little space for decorations. The selection of garden decorations is very large – colorful planters, accessories, fountains, planted shoes, etc. – your taste is crucial.

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