Small living room design ideas and decoration in different styles

by Kremy

modern small living room design ideas white furniture golden accents

The living room is a multifunctional living area, especially nowadays with open floor plan architecture. Kitchen, dining and seating areas are united in one and often the living room performs more than one function. However, may people are facing the challenge to create modern interiors in small rooms. Although a challenge, it is not an impossible task and we have collected beautiful and inspiring small living room design ideas which feature very creative interior solutions.

Small living room design ideas – basic rules of interior design

 living room furniture beige sectional sofa fireplace accent wall


The basic rule for a small living room design is to use all available means to expand the space visually. Adding extra square footage is impossible so the creative use of the entire space would be the best solution. One of the best ways to expand the space visually is to use small furniture pieces as they create a perspective. The focal point is very important as it is the balance of the design. Many small living room design ideas use a sofa or a fireplace as a focal point and small-sized seats beside it make the room appear larger and much more pleasant to look at. Other important elements of the design in small areas are light, colors and accessories.


 Small living room design ideas – choosing the right colors

modern living room low sofa colorful carpet

The main and most effective element in the interior of a small living room is the use of bright colors. For example, wallpapers with small prints or pastel colors add more volume to the space. Vertical stripes make the space look taller. Avoid large and bright finishing materials, even if they have incredibly beautiful designs as they tend to overwhelm the space.


trendy living room furniture small sectional sofa design shag area rug

Professional designers use either monochrome palettes – black and white, or gray with a careful addition of complementary colors. Creating visual color contrasts is another trick but this should be done with great caution. One accent wall is enough to create a fresh decor. A bright wallpaper with a fine pattern can be used as an accent wall as well. If the room has a low ceilings vertical stripes will “elevate” the ceiling visually. A bright mural is another way to divert attention from the low ceilings and small size of the room.

Small living room design ideas – choosing the lighting

small living room design ideas modern neutral colors white sofa

Light is one of the greatest design elements for a small living room – natural and artificial. The more light in the room, the more spacious it will look. Take advantage of natural light and do not block it with heavy curtains or blinds. Roman shades are an excellent solution as they do not “steal” the window area Avoid heavy drapes and blackout curtains as they appear too heavy in a small space. Elegant tulle curtains would be the right window treatment. Avoid massive chandeliers as they take too much space. Using different types of spot lights is much more advantageous. It is not only fashionable, but also a great opportunity to recreate the illusion of airiness in the space. Small lamps or sconces, floor lamps, table lamps – the possibilities are endless. Check out the gallery for fantastic small living room design ideas where you will find a lot of inspiring ideas.

stylish wood flooring gray sofa oval coffee table

 modern sofa red armchair

neutral colors sofa armchair decorative pillows

elegant long sofa wall shelves neutral colors

 blue armchairs exotic area rug

wall shelves fireplace leather chairs

modern interior design small sofa white furniture

small furniture ideas gray and purple sofa set white leather ottoman

small living room furniture decoration ideas orange curtain pillow floral rug wooden floor

 design ideas stylish gray modern sofa

 design ideas modern sectional sofa red accent wall

 design ideas elegant white furniture geometric pattern carpet

interior design sofa wall bookshelves light colors

 interior design scandinavian style small sofa wooden coffee table

interior design low sofa coffee table wooden chairs

small interior design ideas small sofa mirror striped carpet

ideas yellow sofa wooden coffee table

small furniture ideas retro style wooden furniture gray sofa

 neutral colors red white area rug

neutral colors corner sofa round coffee table

small design ideas furniture ideas beige sofa glass coffee table armchair

unique black white sofa wall bookshelves furniture ideas

 black and white decoration

low sofa and coffee table photo wall

 corner sofa round coffee table armchairs

 contemporary interior black sofa white coffee table

 black white interior red accents

black and white furniture red accents

 accent colors large round mirror

white furniture green blue accents

 trendy black white interiors leather furniture

small apartment living room furniture ideas black sofa white coffee table white shelves

 gray accent wall corner sofa wood flooring

pink sofa blue curtains floor cushion

modern living room interior design black white accent wall beige sofa set



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