Wall painting ideas and patterns – shapes and color combinations

by Kremy

wall painting ideas colourful geometric wall mural modern sofa

We will show you simple instructions and tips on how you can achieve an original geometric pattern on the wall, and what colors are suitable for the design. Let yourself be inspired by the creative ideas and the fantastic wall painting ideas.

wall painting ideas geometric wall pattern contemporary home decor


Preparation is very important when you want to create geometric patterns on the wall. Plan the details of the pattern. It can be horizontal or vertical stripes, or other forms / square, triangle etc /. Particularly impressive to see the designs in two contrasting colors. In order to achieve this you need – tape, scissors, spray or colors, gloves and a mask. You must first prepare a sketch of how the wall is painted. Measure the wall and mark with pencils the points where the patterns are to be painted.

wall painting ideas contemporary home decor trendy gray colors

For patterns that repeat themselves, you can make a template and then apply on the wall. Paint the wall first in the bright shades and let them dry out. Then you are ready to glue the tape and paint the wall again in dark color. Ready! So easy to create interesting designs. Which color combinations are suitable, you will learn below as well as some very original wall painting ideas.

wall painting ideas accent wall purple color floral pattern

Of course, the color combination black, white and gray looks perfectly in a minimalist design, but it is worth to add extraordinary color combinations accents. Green, orange or yellow for Scandinavian interiors are the perfect colors. Vintage or eclectic interiors require strong, dark colors. Look at the ideas for wall painting below and find the one that suits you best.

wall painting ideas purple stripes modern living room wall ideas

3D wall painting ideas black gray white color

Wall painting ideas color blue green design

 rectangles blue green yellow

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gray green nursery room wall decoration

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original wall ideas purple bedroom

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