Orange bedroom interior design ideas – add a summer vibe to the decor

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Orange bedroom interior designs are not among the most popular ideas when it comes to decorating this special and private room in the home. Most people prefer gentle and light colors but as we all know, interior design and decoration depend on the taste of the home occupants. Every color affects our body even if we close our eyes and do not see it.

Orange is the color of passion, sun and good mood and it can be vibrant and bright or gentle, pastel and truly romantic. The color not only gives a positive mood, but also makes the bedroom lighter, sunnier, warmer, although it slightly reduces its size. In interior design this color  is a source of warmth and liveliness and it may seem that it is not a good choice for the bedroom because the main purpose of this room is rest, relaxation and recreation. However, when the shades of orange are selected competently and combined with the right colors of furniture and decor, the bedroom can be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and cozy.

When decorating a bedroom you should not be afraid of orange color, if you keep in mind its specific characteristics, you can create unique interiors which will help your good mood at any time of the year. We have selected some charming examples which will show you how to use the color in the design of bedroom interiors and we shall look at the different ways to use this color creatively and competently.


Orange bedroom interior design ideas – basic rules and suitable color combinations


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Orange bedroom interior design ideas may look bold and daring, bright and cheerful, soft and romantic and you can choose from the numerous shades of this color to create the right atmosphere. Orange is an active color, referring to warm tones. These properties impose some limitations on its application in home interiors especially in bedroom design. Choosing the right shade is essential as well as following some basic rules and design techniques. There are two ways to approach the design of the bedroom. It can be designed using orange as a main color, or use this color as an accent. Both options look very impressive and it depends only on your personal taste and preferences which way you would prefer. Having said that, we need to mention that experienced designers recommend avoiding an abundance of bright shades in the bedroom due to the invigorating effect of this color on human psyche.

Orange, like any other color, has many shades – dark and light, bright and pastel, etc. Calm shades can act as a general background in the bedroom – you can use such shades for the walls, window treatment and decorative accessories. Bright shades in small quantities, for example, in accessories, will add the right dose of positive energy to the design, without unnecessary excitement.

Avoid bright saturated shades in the interior of small rooms, because they visually reduce the space. You can use it as a color pop for the bed headboard, curtains or carpets. Calmer and softer shades like peach, terracotta, apricot, etc. are more appropriate for small bedrooms.

Orange is a good choice for visual correction of long narrow spaces. Use it on the narrow sides of the room and combine it with neutral warm shades on the wide walls. It is also a good choice for bedrooms facing north or rooms with a limited amount of natural light.

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It is almost impossible to see an interior in just one color or one shade. A professional interior design is based on no more than four basic colors and most often decorators use either combinations of different shades of the same color, or a combination of different colors. For a bedroom, you should limit yourself to two shades for the overall design of the room and two more as color accents. Orange can be combined with different colors, depending on the atmosphere that you want to create. Here are some successful combinations:

  • White is one of the colors that work perfectly with any shade of orange. White balances the brightness of orange and makes the interior light and airy. For a softer appearance it is better to choose some of the off-white shades like cream, vanilla, ivory, etc. A white background is ideal for individual elements like furniture, curtains, bedspreads, carpet, etc.
  • Black and orange is a strong and contrasting combination of colors and usually white is added as it helps to achieve harmony and avoid darkness in the bedroom. This combination is very popular in modern style interiors and looks really impressive. The main consideration is not to overdo the amount of black.
  • Gray adds calmness, softness and balance to orange bedroom interior designs. Gray is considered as a cool color and most often it is used as a background for bold and bright accents and elements.
  • Beige is considered neutral, and is excellent for softening orange. Unlike white, it does not create a sharp contrast and this combination looks optimal in a bedroom. The interior is quite calm and relaxed, but at the same time it is not deprived of brightness.
  • Green is one of the colors used to create spectacular designs. Of course, you need to combine the right shades of both colors. Combinations with delicate shades of green – light green, mint, lime, olive, pistachio – create a calm and romantic atmosphere.
  • Blue shades make an orange bedroom interior especially expressive and add depth to the overall impression. It is important to choose a calm blue shade which will gently contrast and cools the strength and brightness of the color in the interior.
  • Turquoise, as a mixture of green and blue, is another color that works beautifully with orange. Turquoise brings a joyful touch to the bedroom appearance without ruining its calmness. This combination is suitable for interiors in Mediterranean style as well as for beach themed decors.
  • Shades of brown are an excellent addition to orange bedroom designs. Wooden furniture, for example, adds solidity and reliability to the interior.


Orange bedroom interior design ideas and useful tips for the decoration


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Designing a bedroom using the orange color palette is not so difficult. The main thing is to rely on your own taste because it is you who will spend the most pleasant hours in this room. Orange bedroom interior design ideas vary in atmosphere, style and appearance and the color is introduced in a variety of ways. Here are some techniques and tips:

Wall decoration – before all, you need to determine the style in which the room will be decorated and the final effect that you want to achieve. You can use orange paint or wallpaper on the entire surface of the walls, especially if you have selected light shades and discreet patterns. You can select only one wall and decorate it with a bright orange paint. Place a large mirror opposite the wall which will expand the space and make the room brighter. The wall behind the bed is best for this type of decor.

Ceiling – when you want to use orange color for the ceiling design, you need to be really careful. It is true that modern decoration materials allow you to create a variety of decorative ceilings but you need to keep in mind that colors help you correct the height of the room. However a single-colored orange ceiling may have exactly the opposite effect. Make sure hat you have contrast color inserts, drawings or a stencil pattern that will improve the appearance of the ceiling.

Floor – it is easy to introduce orange to the floor. Carpets, area rugs, bedside mats – all these can be used not only as a floor cover but as bright color pops as well.

Furniture – this is another way to introduce orange shades to the bedroom interior. Furniture in orange shades looks especially impressive – it can be chairs with orange upholstery, shelves painted with bright orange, etc. Keep in mind that large furniture pieces in orange shades look best against a neutral background so your walls, floor and ceiling should be decorated in a soft neutral shade.

Textile and accessories – The easiest way make a monotonous bedroom interior more vivid and cheerful is to add textile elements in orange color. These can be curtains that create an effect of a sunny day, bedspreads, blankets, pillows, as well as covers for furniture. Accessories like table lamps, vases, photo frames, etc. will allow you to change the atmosphere of the bedroom in a matter of minutes and add lightness and good mood to the design.



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