Upholstered bed headboards –comfortable, functional and decorative ideas

by Kremy

upholstered bed headboards accents in bedroom interior design

Upholstered bed headboards are widely popular and they have so much to offer when it comes to comfort, functionality and visual appeal. These soft backs are very comfortable for rest and reading in bed and, in addition, they offer unlimited possibilities for decorating a bedroom.

The bed is the main element of the bedroom interior and nowadays it is more than just the place where we sleep. Reading a book, checking e-mails, watching TV, having a romantic breakfast in bed – all these activities are no longer an exception, but more of daily rituals and we do not only lie in bed, but sit. This means that the bed has to be comfortable in any position. We shall have a detailed look at the types of upholstered headboards, their shape, size, materials and we shall give you some ideas how a soft headboard can decorate your bedroom and be a focal point of the interior.


Upholstered bed headboards – functions, types and shapes


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The bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom and usually, the whole concept of the interior is created around the bed. Everyone, who is interested in interior design and decoration, is aware of the fact that a successful, balanced and harmonious design is not only about furniture, materials and finished, but about details. The bed is a piece of furniture which combines elegance, comfort and beauty and that is why designers pay special attention to the right choice.

An original headboard has to perform two main functions – decorative and practical. Even an old bed can be transformed if you decorate its back with the help of soft or hard materials. You can visually increase the ceiling height, even expand the room, provided you chose the right color and style of your bed. Of course, the headboard has to be practical as well. It should provide enough comfort for your back when you are sitting. In addition, it has insulating properties and separates the warm bed from the cold wall. There are a number of advantages that upholstered headboards offer:

  • comfort and convenience during sleep and rest;
  • original and interesting appearance;
  • lack of sharp corners;
  • additional storage space for textiles;
  • long service life.

Upholstered bed headboards are classified by the type of construction and are separated in two main groups – traditional and freestanding. The traditional option is the headboard as part of the bed frame. This type is the most reliable and, therefore, safe and the design of the headboard usually corresponds to the overall design of the bed.

A freestanding headboard means that it is not a part of the bed frame. It can be fixed by various types of fasteners, depending on the dimensions of the furniture and can significantly exceed the size of the bed. Such headboards can be fastened to the wall as well and generally, they provide you the opportunity to replace them easily and opt for a new one.

Most headboards have a solid frame made of plywood, wood or metal but there are models, usually DIY projects, that lack such a frame. The height also varies significantly – from low to extra tall models, which look stunningly in large bedrooms.

As far as shape is concerned, furniture manufacturers offer an amazing variety to suit each taste. Rectangular shape is classic, but you can choose oval, square or an unusual abstract shape.


How to choose an upholstered bed headboard?

traditional bedroom decorating ideas upholstered bed built in furniture

You need to have a clear idea what you want from your headboard. There are some requirements that each one needs to meet. Whether you choose fabric, leather, faux leather, polyester silks or any other material, your headboard should be:

  • Durable – it should be strong enough to resist tear and wear and serve you for many years.
  • Stain resistant – obviously, anything that is in use for a long time may dirty or get stained, especially when there are small children and pets in the family. Some fabrics and materials are treated to be stain resistant, others, like leather and vinyl, get a special coating.
  • Washable – it is true, that a bed headboard is not a subject of the same use as chairs and sofas, yet, the material you choose should be washable, especially when you select a headboard for a child’s bedroom.
  • Visual aesthetics – the fabric of the headboard should work harmoniously with the design concept and the style of the bedroom. Color, shape and size – these are essential, as they not only reflect you taste and preferences, but will have a huge effect on the overall appearance of the bedroom. Think of proportions. A tall headboard may have a striking look but if you place it in a small bedroom, it will make it appear cluttered.
  • The bed and the headboard should be combined with the rest of the furniture. Some people prefer to buy furniture set while others prefer to choose all the furniture pieces separately, as per their needs.


tufted headboard modern bedroom furniture wood flooring

Let’s look at the main types of upholstered headboards materials, their advantages and disadvantages.

Fabric upholstery includes materials like cotton, muslin, linen, chenille, plush, velvet, velour, flax, silk, etc. These bed heads are comfortable, soft and come at a low cost. Minor damages are easy to repair and the choice of colors, textures and styles is unlimited. These headboards create a soft and warm atmosphere in the bedroom. The main disadvantage of fabrics is that they accumulate dust and dirt, which means that this is not a good choice for people with allergies. Fabrics get stained, absorb both heat and sweat which means that the bed head requires regular cleaning and maintenance.

Leather headboard looks classy and timeless. Real leather is durable, feels soft to the touch, it does not retain heat and dust and you will enjoy its fantastic look for years, unless punctured. Leather headboards come in many designs which allows using them in many styles – from baroque styled interior to contemporary, traditional or minimalist decors. Cleaning and maintenance is easy and wiping the headboard with a damp cloth is all you need to do to keep it clean. The major drawback of leather headboards is that they come at a limited color choice, mainly brown, black, white, and sometimes red, and at a price which is significantly higher than the one of fabrics. With proper care and maintenance a leather headboard can last a long time, so it is worth considering the investment.

Faux leather is a more affordable option which offers a great appearance and requires little maintenance. However, it wears quicker than real leather and gets torn easily. Another disadvantage is that this material does not have the same hypo allergenic qualities as real leather and does not breath that well.


Upholstered headboards ideas – colors and styles tips

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Choosing the color and style of your upholstered headboard is important. When the color is properly chosen, it can make the bedroom look more spacious, deeper and more airy. Each interior has its own individuality but we shall look at the most popular color options and how they work with different bedroom color schemes. Black, white, brown, gray, beige are considered as classic colors. These are neutral shades that fit into any color scheme and complement it very well.

A white headboard, for example, fits perfectly with any color of the rainbow. It can contrast with the dark elements in the room – an accent wall, dark curtains or textiles, and stand out as a focal point, or blend harmoniously into a white bedroom interior design.

Blue and turquoise headboards create a bright accent and are often chosen for beach themed bedroom decors. Deep blue symbolizes harmony and looks good in modern interiors. This color works equally well with natural wood, white, gray and beige, and it is not without reason that it is called the “new black”.

A rich brown headboard looks great and cozy as it reminds of dark solid wood colors. Complemented by suitable curtains, bed lined, carpet and other textiles, the headboard can be a show stopper!

Upholstered headboards in red look good on a white or light background and is a fantastic contrast on dark background. For example a red leather headboard can be combined with natural wood velvet or velour to create a stunning bedroom interior.

Look at the gorgeous upholstered headboards in the gallery below and see how they can be blended in various styles and design concepts.


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upholstered bed headboards bedroom interior design ideas

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how to choose the right headboard tips and hints

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