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amazing attic bedroom design ideas home renovation tips

In past the attic accommodated staff bedrooms but nowadays this is a precious space that can be used in many different ways. We have selected some of the most beautiful and amazing attic bedroom design ideas to show you how to create a modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing space. A bedroom in the attic is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the unusual shapes of slanted roof space and crate a cozy, intimate and relaxing room where one can have a quiet rest after a hard working day.

modern bedroom home renovation ideas attic remodel


In general, attic floors have a special geometry that will have to be considered when designing the interior. Sloping ceiling and walls, narrow passages, in other words – lack of space can be challenging. But limited space will not be a problem if you plan your project in advance with attention and creativity.

The attic can be used to arrange a guest bedroom, master bedroom or teen bedroom and you will have more free space on the lower floor to use for other purposes, for example living space, dining area, entertaining zone, game zone, playroom, etc.


Attic bedroom design ideas – advantages, disadvantages


mansard floor ideas contemporary bedroom design

Where to get ideas for bedroom design in the attic? How to plan the zoning and what is the suitable furniture? Is it worth undertaking such a project? Yes, attic bedroom design ideas look great on photos, but many people have doubts that they will be able to achieve such results. We shall give you some really useful tips and hints but before that let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of attic bedrooms.

On the first place, attic bedroom design ideas offer you the advantage to expand the area of the house and have a secluded corner and enjoy the magnificent view of the night sky.

You can determine the size of the different functional zones and if the available space allows it, you can have an en suite bathroom or arrange a home office area.

scandinavian style bedroom interior design exposed ceiling beams

Excellent lighting – many attic rooms are equipped with skylights or panoramic windows which provides an abundance of natural light. An attic bedroom with sloping windows will be the most romantic place in the house – in the evening you can watch the stars, and wake up in the morning with the first rays of the sun.

An attic bedroom can be decorated in different styles and due to the fact that it is separated from the main living area you can choose a design concept that differs from the overall home interior. For example, you can have your dream Boho chic bedroom even if your home interior is based on traditional style.

On the downside we have to point out that the roof will need additional heat and waterproofing, which is a significant investment. However, this can be a big advantage due to the fact hat after insulation the heat loss in the house will be significantly reduced.

The choice of finishes and room layout is largely dependent on the type of roof and if you want to make the most of every inch, you will have to opt for custom made furniture.


Attic bedroom design ideas – where to start from and what to consider


luxurious master bedroom ideas cathedral ceiling attic remodel

How to start an attic bedroom design? What do you need? Where to place the furniture? There are many questions that need to be solved and we shall help you with tips for your plan.

Begin with determining the main function of the room. Do you need a master bedroom, kids’ room or a guest bedroom? Look at the roof shape. The main factor that will determine the look of your future attic bedroom is the shape of the roof – residential roofs come in a variety of shapes – from flat and traditional mansard roof to gable, pyramid, hip roof, shed roof, etc. and it may combine various structural elements. The roof shape will determine the type of ceiling and the angles of walls, the layout of furniture, etc.

List the pros and cons – lighting, insulation, reducing energy loss hence lower bills, etc.

attic bedroom furniture and lighting ideas

Draw a sketch which will help you visualize your ideas. Invite a specialist or hire an architect who will give you professional advice and will be able to do accurate calculations for the costs so that you do not have to change anything in the process of converting the attic into a bedroom and pay for double work.

Get informed for the cost of materials for thermal protection, waterproofing and coating. It is advisable to choose lightweight materials.

Think of finishing materials as they will give the look of your bedroom. Usually, ceiling beams are left exposed as they have a lot of charm and easily blend in many interior styles. If the room has sharp angles and corners, think of creative way to “soften” them. You can use fabric panels, for example. It is a good idea to hire an interior designer who will give you different solutions so that you can choose the one that suits your needs in the best way.

Set a budget.


Attic bedroom design ideas – how to choose the color scheme, lighting and furniture

beautiful modern bedroom rustic wood walls and flooring

In the gallery below you will see many creative attic bedroom design ideas and successful solutions for utilizing the available space under the roof. Zoning is one of the main tasks when you plan the layout of the room. Usually, you have a sleeping area and resting area, as well as bathroom. Home office working area is optional, provided there is enough space. Zoning can be made by using colors, flooring, a curtain, a canopy, a shelf or a bookcase, i.e. furniture pieces.

How to choose the color scheme? Choosing the colors for finishing an attic bedroom is based on the same principles as when choosing the colors for finishing other rooms. However, here are some helpful ideas that you may keep in mind.

Skylights create specific lighting directed from top to bottom at a certain angle. This must be considered when planning the interior.

When the windows are small use light tones – white, pastel shades of pink, ivory. Decorative accents can be added with bright accessories, an unusual chair or expressive patterns of textile. Dark tones can be used in rooms with large windows. Combinations of contrasting tones, including the classic black and white, look good, but dark shades should not dominate.

It is better if you avoid wallpaper with too large patterns. Small patterns will make the room visually larger.

Warm shades, neutral and natural tones like beige, pink, olive, light browns create a feeling of coziness and tranquility.

For large attic rooms with good lighting, the use of natural materials in finishes, such as wood, brickwork, or decorative plaster, can be a good solution.

If the wall finish is in rich colors, furniture and textiles should be light shades.

attic bedroom design ideas styles decoration

Lighting ides for attic bedroom also vary significantly. Depending on where the windows look, what their size is, whether natural light is sufficient, the arrangement of furniture and additional lighting are planned.

As a rule, attic rooms are not well lit. If there are few windows, or the windows are small sized, you need additional light sources. There are several design tricks which will help you improve the lighting and give the room a special touch.

Use mirrors. They can be placed strategically and reflect the light coming from windows or chandeliers. Mirrors increase illumination and at the same time make the room visually larger.

In addition to a chandelier in the center of the ceiling, use floor lamps, wall sconces, table lamps. Track lighting is also a good idea as you can illuminate specific areas and focus the light in the desired direction.

Be creative! If there is no possibility to add a window, you can hang a false window on the wall, decorate the frame, with curtains and use LED lights.

Strip lights are another option and you can use them to illuminate niches, built in shelves, etc.


Attic bedroom design ideas – furniture and layout tips

attic remodel master bedroom interiors tips and hints

How to choose the furniture for an attic bedroom? On the first place, the choice will depend on the function – is it a master bedroom, kids’ bedroom, teen girl or boy bedroom or a guest bedroom. The design of all the furniture should be chosen in accordance with the style of the interior and the overall concept, so that everything looks balanced and harmonious.

There is no need to try squeezing a ton of furniture in the attic. Avoid large and bulky pieces, especially if the room is not very large, as they make the space visually smaller. Do not put furniture pieces close to each other. Focus on function and ergonomic design and think of space, air and easy cleaning. A bed, a chest of drawers, possibly an armchair is all you need. Built-in storage cabinets and shelves are a good idea and allow you to use the space creatively.

slanted ceiling bedroom with home office modern home ideas

The bed will be the main piece of furniture. A large and spacious bed is a must for a master bedroom. Twin beds or bunk beds would be the choice for kids’ bedroom and you can consider a Murphy bed if you plan to use the space as a guest bedroom. For a more luxurious and romantic look, a canopy bed is an excellent choice. Usually the bed is located under the sloped ceiling. This is a very convenient layout because the opposite wall, which does not have a slope, remains free and you can place a TV, open shelves, etc.If  the space allows you can put the in the middle of the room. Add a small area rug, partially hidden under the bed, beautiful pillows and a fluffy blanket and you will have a magnificent, cozy the bedroom. If the slope of the roof does not begin from the floor, but a little higher, the possibilities of planning are even greater. Under the slope you can accommodate a recreation area or a home office area.

Niches are the perfect place for all sorts of build-ins and provide excellent storage space. You can use them as bookshelves or as a place to display photographs, stylish accessories, etc. Another idea is to have custom built cabinets or drawers and in this way your bedroom will be neat and tidy. Replace high cabinets with modular models that can easily be fitted into niches.

Attic bedroom furniture should be selected taking into account the design of the room which leads us to the question of choosing the style.


Attic bedroom design ideas – choose the style and accessories

attic remodel bedroom ideas furniture tips

Attic bedroom design ideas vary in style and the variety of options provides many opportunities to create a real masterpiece. The style of the room plays an important role for the visual perception and how comfortable you will feel in it. You should choose the style based on your personal preferences, taking into account the functional purpose of the room. You can use different accessories, creating a single style for the entire interior.

The most popular decoration styles for attic bedrooms are French country, Provencal, Shabby chic, rustic, loft, minimalism, Scandinavian, and of course marine themed interiors are also greatly enjoyed by homeowners. Each style has its own features and specific colors, finishing materials, patterns, textile, accessories, so it is worth taking your time and finding out which your favorite style is and plan your dream bedroom in the attic!



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