Pastel color palettes in elegant bedroom designs

by Kremy

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Pastel color palettes are very popular as they are soft and gentle, relaxing and inspiring. They have a calming effect and offer a variety of possibilities. We will show you 20 creative ideas for pastel color schemes which give the bedroom a modern and stylish look. The interiors in pastel colors looks soothing and inviting, and yes – romantic! Pale rose and lavender, violet and vanilla, mint and orchid – elegant and pure shades which got their names from these tender flowers and add freshness and great visual appeal to the bedroom interior.

how to choose pastel color palettes in bedroom interior


Pastel colors in the interior, especially if the room has large windows, create a feeling of airiness and the space looks bigger and brighter. That is why pastel colors are recommended for the interior of smaller homes. The biggest advantage of a pastel color palette is the possibility for combinations. Soft peppermint shades are complimented by lilac colors. Pink and yellow fit together very well. Blue, yellow and purple is a beautiful combination and you will never be wrong when combining these colors. The trick in the color mixing is to choose the right base color – light blue, pink, purple, green, and even a soft gray color are the ideal basis.

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Pastel color palettes combine very well with accessories made of metal. Pink and peach shades are complemented by copper accessories, light blue goes well with the shine of steel and green looks spectacular when combined with gold. In order to create a uniform color scheme, you should match the color of the bedding set with the curtains or the carpet. Pastel colors work well with the natural nobility of wood, the strength of the stone and the refinement of cotton. If you wanted a more contemporary look for your bedroom in pastel colors, add some geometric shapes or contrasting color accents.

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