Shabby Chic furniture and colors

by Kremy

Shabby Chic furniture coffee table wooden elements

Extremely romantic, neat, colorful, but also very gentle and unobtrusive, this style combines soft, pastel shades, floral patterns, fabulous accessories, simple wooden furniture and thick, fluffy beds and sofas. When you combine soft baby colors and decorate with matching accessories like a vintage bird cage, a box of roses, cute little vases with pink blooming peonies and many decorative pillows, your shabby chic room will reveal a whole new world. Shabby chic can transfer you to a typical English country house that welcomes you with a lovely cup of tea. Fabrics in magnificent floral prints are the most typical feature for Shabby chic style – roses, tulips, peonies – bring additional freshness in the interior. The term “shabby chic” refers to rustic yet stylish furniture and decorations. Shabby chic furniture comes in many colors and have a used or old-fashioned appearance. You can easily achieve a shabby chic look. Stroke a bedside table in a certain color and frisk it with an orbital sander and the corners of the plate, to make them older looking.

Shabby chic furniture in neutral colors

shabby chic color palette furniture


Neutral colors like white, ivory, gray and brown present generally the Shabby Chic style. An ivory Shabby chic bed has a bright color with worn areas around the corners that reveal the natural wood surface below. Some antique furniture pieces have a natural wood panel with chipped paint, which reveals a neutral color such as gray or white underneath. Many shabby chic furniture show chipped paint and several layers of colors from continuous painting and use.

Shabby Chic Furniture in blue

Shabby Chic furniture rustic blue coffee table

Blue is a common color for shabby chic furniture. You will notice wooden antiques with bright colors like medium blue, baby blue and teal with worn edges and corners. Blue has a rustic look, especially with some furniture like a kitchen table and matching chairs. Find a blue Shabby chic table, if you want to make a vintage kitchen. Put a lot of antiques as a rustic milk jug, wooden baskets, old ice makers, ceramic and wine barrels.

Green colors and their shades

Shabby Chic Furniture blue green tables

Green is another color that goes well with a shabby chic theme. You can create shabby chic furniture with all shades of green, like forest green, pastel green, gray-green and medium green. The combination of blue and green also creates a distinctive look. Paint the furniture in blue, dry and then paint green before you start to grind. The orbital sander will reveal the blue color below.

Pastel colors and shabby chic

Shabby Chic Furniture blue chest and coffee table


Wooden tables and metal bed frame

Shabby Chic furniture wooden tables metal bed frame

 Wooden pallets sofa

Shabby Chic furniture sofa wooden pallet

Coffee table from solid wood

Shabby Chic coffee table solid wood

Wooden chest as a coffee table

Shabby Chic design wooden chest coffee table

Shabby chic outdoor furniture and garden

Shabby Chic outdoor furniture patio dining table

Shabby Chic Outdoor Furniture sky blue veranda

rustic look

kitchen shelf

ideas suitcases as side tables

bedroom furniture wooden board headboards

Shabby Chic green cabinet

 Furniture white dining table fireplace

interior ideas milled wood boards

veranda bench

White Picture Frame

Shabby Chic bedroom furniture

Furniture neutral colors bedroom

furniture baby room


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