50 Girl bedroom wallpaper ideas – colors, prints and designs for every age

by Kremy

girl bedroom design wall decorating ideas patchwork wallpaper

Designing a room for a girl is an enjoyable yet a responsible task. For every little girl the room is a whole world in which she has to grow up, explore the world, acquire skills and knowledge. The same is valid for boy’s rooms, of course but today we want to focus your attention on different girl bedroom wallpaper ideas and options. We shall look at suitable choices in accordance with age, the selection of color scheme and how it affects a child’s psyche, the variety of materials, etc.

pink flamingo wallpaper kids room design and decorating ideas


The design of any child’s room, and especially of a girl’s bedroom, should be beautiful, cozy, comfortable, practical and safe. This includes not only suitable color palette, but environmental friendliness and beauty of materials, furniture, textile, accessories and other interior elements. What are the main criteria that you need to know and how to choose a wallpaper for the room of your girl?

  • Safety – the material should be before all safe for the child’s health. It must not contain harmful substances in its composition.
  • Wallpaper must have good air permeability;
  • It must be made of natural materials;
  • It should not collect dust;
  • It must be easy to clean;
  • It should have high wear resistance;
  • Avoid aggressive and too bright colors. Red, black, dark purple should be used sparingly;
  • It is advisable to select a calm and positive palette;
  • For a small room, the best solution would be light shades like white, blue, beige, etc.

Girl bedroom wallpaper ideas – how to choose in accordance with age

nursery room ideas wall decoration color wallpaper print ideas

As per researches, most parents choose wallpaper as wall decoration material for their children’s room. The fact is that wallpapers come in a huge variety of colors, patterns and prints and this is a budget friendly option, especially having in mind that you may need to change wall covering as your little girl grows. Another reason for the popularity of this type of wall decoration is the fact that parents enjoy the possibility for a DIY project. Applying wallpaper does not necessarily require perfect walls. On the contrary, you can use them to hide minor imperfections. Last but not least, wallpaper can last several years without losing their original appearance.

An important condition for the right choice of wallpaper is the age of the girl who will live in the room. There is hardly any doubt that a princess photo wallpaper will be somewhat inappropriate in the teenager’s bedroom, and a five-year-old is not likely to appreciate an abstract drawing or cityscape. Let’s have a look at different girl bedroom wallpaper ideas and the options, suitable for different age groups.

ballerina themed room design for little girls

For a newborn or a girl up to three years old, soft pastel colors like cream, lilac, pink or apricot are advisable with a small, discreet pattern. Such wallpaper will be an ideal choice, since too large and voluminous images can scare the baby. Many parents prefer to go against tradition and use all shades of green, blue or mint shades instead of traditional pink. You can also select neutral colors which create a calm and cozy atmosphere.

A girl from four to six years old is in the age of learning. In this period appear their favorite fairy-tale characters, cartoons and colors. Decorating a girl’s room with these characters will help her learn everything in a playful way. You can add bright colors and details to the design.

From seven to nine years of age – this is a new stage in a child’s life. This is the end of kindergarten and the beginning of school. During this period, a small person broadens his horizons, dreams become more complex. Choose a wallpaper in light colors on delicate shades that will not distract. A calm pattern will help the girl concentrate on knowledge.

shabby chic girl bedroom ideas wall decor and furniture

From 10-12 years is the age when a girl’s tastes and preferences are forming. A great choice for a young lady at that age will be wallpaper for drawing which will help develop the creative abilities of the child. Some girls are still quite fond of their favorite cartoon and fairy-tale characters, so you can leave one wall decorated with these prints. Parents need to remember that the tastes of their growing girl will change significantly in just a few years but at this stage it is important to choose the decoration together with the girl. The freedom of choice will not only allow her to create an ideal interior for herself, but also will teach responsibility for her decisions

original wallpaper ideas for girl room Alice in Wonderland theme

Choosing wallpaper for the room of a teenage girl is much more difficult and parents need to fully focus on the tastes of the child. Adolescence is not the easiest period in the life of a young girl. This is the time of experiments and bold decisions when fabulous and cartoon characters are replaced by real heroes. It can be movie stars from series, musical groups, celebrities, models, etc. This is the age when girls begin to copy the behavior of elders and imitate them. The main task of parents is to correctly approach the design and decoration of the room. This age is characterized by the fact that the child thinks that parents’ advice is completely wrong. Therefore, there may be misunderstandings but no one should be surprised that the child tends to choose brighter and more independent colors. What you need to do is to direct and limit attempts to go beyond the reasonable and create a practical, spacious and functional space.

Girl bedroom wallpaper ideas – choosing colors, patterns and prints

kids room ideas twin beds red wallpaper and striped rug

The first thing that parents, and little ladies themselves, pay attention to when choosing wallpapers for decorating a nursery is the color palette and pattern. It is hardly a surprise because wall decoration sets the atmosphere in the entire room. As per psychologists the look of the vertical surfaces in a child’s room has an effect on his psycho-emotional state. The color shade, the print, the size of the print – these affect the child’s mood, activity, creativity and even success in his studies. It is pastel colors – soft pink, peach, beige, that create a peaceful, calm environment in which a child of any age will feel comfortable. Light peach and beige tones create a warm, cozy atmosphere and, as a rule, will appeal to most girls. Let’s look at some of the most popular wallpaper colors for decorating a girl’s room.


pink and white girl bedroom design wallpaper ideas

Pink is great option for decorating a girl’s nursery. The shade will match the princess’s gentle nature and make the interior romantic and playful. For many years girls’ bedrooms were decorated in pink and this type of interior has become a stereotype. However, it is important to understand that pink has a lot of shades and modern interiors prove that designers and decorators play with shades in most original ways. Pink can be combined with gray, blue, lilac, etc.


purple pastel color lavender and yellow wallpaper in nursery room

Purple is a mysterious and magical color, often the favorite one of young ladies. Almost all shades of purple are associated with the interior of a girl’s room. Purple can become the basic color for decoration in the room of both a preschool girl and a teenage girl – it all depends on the personal preferences and character. The walls of the room can be decorated with castles and fairy-tale characters on a delicate purple background. It is better to avoid the darker and more saturated purple tones as they can make a child’s room look dark and gloomy.


girl room decor yellow wallpaper ideas and cartoon animals

Yellow is a positive color associated with the sun and creates a truly summer feeling in the nursery interior. The room will be filled with positive and good emotions. Yellow color stimulates creativity, the desire for learning and developing new skills. Experts advise to use soft yellow shades when it is the basic color in the interior concept. Bright shades should be used as accents or combined with white, mint, sage, mint shades which will soften their intensity.


pastel green wall color in girl bedroom creative decorating ideas

Light pastel shades of green contribute to the peaceful atmosphere and creative mood. Natural tones like olive, mint, moss favorably affect the human psyche. By combining green shades with neutral colors from the warm palette, you can achieve originality and great visual appeal in the design of a girl’s room.

Red and orange

girl room wallpaper color scheme ideas orange twin canopy beds

Red and orange always carry warmth and even passion, brightness, activity. These colors stimulate creativity, positive thinking and eliminate bad thoughts. However, when decorating a child’s room, they should be used to a limited extent as excess of intense bright color will create the opposite effect.


baby room decoration wallpaper ideas blue accent wall with daisies

Blue shades are immediately associated with boy’s rooms, although it is a great option to design a girl’s room as well. Blue is in harmony with many shades. Wallpaper in sky blue may have a delicate pattern in a different shade.


girl room ideas beige wallpaper and orange accent color

Beige is calm tone and the ideal background for bright accents. Beige interiors are peaceful and ideal for girls of any age. Beige shades may vary in saturation and work harmoniously with golden accents and furniture in natural or neutral colors.

Dark colors

Girl bedroom wall decorating ideas dark color wallpaper accent wall

Color experts do not recommend too dark colors like black, dark blue, dark gray in children’s rooms. The only exception is a chalkboard paint wall which can be used fro drawing notes or applications attached to them.


Girl bedroom wallpaper ideas for patterns and prints

lovely floral print wallpaper for girl bedroom design

As we already mentioned, wallpaper color is important, but the prints, drawings and patterns are equally significant as they are a part of the overall design concept and often they set the theme in a girl’s bedroom.

lovely wallpaper with flowers in girl nursery room

For a girl’s room, flowers are always a suitable solution. They can be realistic, modern or abstract. Flowers can frame the entire nursery or be a bright detail of the interior.

princesses wallpaper for girl bedroom design

Wallpaper with princesses is most often used in the design of bedrooms for small girls.  Almost all girls dream of becoming a princess. The decoration of the children’s room can be done with photo wallpaper combined with the usual type of wallpaper.

butterflies and stripes combination wallpaper ideas for girl room

Romantic butterflies are suitable for decorating the rooms of toddlers, schoolgirls and teenagers. A scattering of butterflies can decorate the entire room or be part of an accent wall.

hearts print wallpaper pink girl room ideas

Lovely hearts are one of the cutest patterns in a girl’s room. Color, pattern and size can be completely different, from a small pattern to large 3D images.

pretty girly bedroom decoration with polka dot wallpaper

Polka dot wallpaper – this is cute and funny print suitable to decorate a girl’s room at any age. Colors can be restrained or contrasting. For a small children’s room, it is better to use a wallpaper with a small dots.

girl bedroom wallpaper ideas pink stripes child room decor

Stripes are a simple but fun way to finish a wall. Stripes make the nursery taller or wider, depending on the direction. The combination of colors can be the girl’s favorite shades. Striped wallpapers are successfully combined with other patterns and textures.

dancing fairies wallpaper home decor kids room decorating ideas

Wallpaper with fairies will add to the magical fairy tale atmosphere in the room. There are many options to choose from – photo wallpaper with cartoon characters, drawings and prints, etc.

lovely girl room interior design ideas cartoon animals wallpaper

Wallpaper with prints of the animal world can be used to decorate the room of a girl of any age. For example, for a little girl it can be cute fairy bunnies, and for schoolgirls – a realistic image of dogs of her favorite breed.

kids bedrooms ideas plants and birds wallpaper

Wallpaper with leaves ornament, large photographs or colorful patterns of plants come in huge variety as well – from the most modest to bright and bold designs. You need to choose the particular design keeping in mind the girl’s age and interests.

3D hearts wallpaper for baby girl nursery creative design ideas

Wallpaper with a 3D image will help to make a real fairy tale for a girl. Printing technology allows you to apply any image – it can be hearts, flowers, characters from fairy tales and cartoons, animals or the real Disney world.

Paris themed girl bedroom design

French romance is suitable for decorating the room of a romantic teen girl. The walls will be decorated with patterns in the form of small Eiffel towers, a drawing of a cyclist or a painted landscape of Paris.

girl room wall decor ideas butterflies and unicorns

You can combine different colors, patterns and texture and create something individual and unique. Using shades that complement each other will make the girl’s room voluminous and interesting. For a girl’s room, it’s better to combine gentle pastel shades and beautiful rich colors.

Girl bedroom wallpaper ideas for interiors in different styles

shabby chic girls bedroom design wall decor furniture ideas

Wallpapers are the best way to enhance the style and design concept for the interior. Every style has its characteristics, colors, textures, materials, so the wall finish has to blend into the overall idea. Here are some examples:

patchwork tile wallpaper ideas for girl bedrooms

Shabby chic is exceptionally romantic and focuses on flowing shapes and details. The style is characterized with delicate wallpaper colors and natural motifs and beautiful details that every girl will love.

Scandinavian style bedroom for girl color scheme

Scandinavian style is the ideal choice if you want a modern, minimalistic and spacious nursery design. White walls with cool drawings of birds, plants or geometric patterns will be appropriate. In Scandinavian interior, chalky wallpapers or coloring wallpapers will look harmoniously.

little mermaid theme in girl bedroom creative decor ideas

Nautical themed interiors are most often seen in boys’ bedrooms. However, the theme is suitable for girls as well. Mermaids or starfish, for example can be the main theme of the design concept. Sea blue, turquoise, sandy shades – these are ideal for the design of a girl’s bedroom.

vintage bedroom design girl room decor ideas

Vintage style interior is suitable for a little lady. The room is decorated in a calm light palette, without bright accents and flashy colors. The interior is decorated with elegant furniture and accessories.



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