Chic and glamorous Art Deco wedding ideas and themes

by Kremy

exceptional wedding table decor ideas in black and gold

We selected some of the most glamorous Art Deco wedding ideas. This style is all about chic, shine, luxury, elaborate details and gilding and certainly, it is appropriate for special events like weddings.

elegant art deco inspired wedding dresses


The Art Deco style is in many ways similar to the retro style. It can be used for of Gatsby, retro, vintage, Chicago or Hollywood glamour themed weddings. Art Deco can be recognized by expensive fabrics and materials, decorative ornaments, geometric shapes, feathers and fringe, lace, pearls, beads, an abundance of gold and silver and rich decor. It combines elements of different styles: modern, constructivism, abstractionism, cubism. Bright shades, ornaments, patterns and gilding will be very appropriate in the wedding decoration and overall style.

Art deco wedding ideas decor color scheme bride and groom outfits

Art Deco color schemes and decorative details are based on the main feature of the style – the combination of bold and contrasting colors and elements. The dominant color is gold and all shades of yellow. Silver, pink, black, red, yellow can be used as additional colors for the decor. The combination of colors should be contrasting, for example, gold and black, red and gold. To dilute the palette, you can use pastel colors – beige, gray-blue. The materials include wood, gilding, bronze, marble, crystal, lace, strings of pearls, rhinestones, beads, feathers, etc. The combination of contrasts allows strict rhombuses and trapezoids to be combined with intricate floral patterns.

Art Deco wedding ideas and decor tips

stunning wedding decor ideas Gatsby Hollywood style

An ideal place for a wedding in Art Deco style would be a country house or a club restaurant. The style is a combination of glamorous and rich, brilliant and generous, luxury and modernity. Marble columns, shiny parquet, antique chandeliers – the interior should be distinguished by luxury and wealth.

When choosing a restaurant, opt for a place with a luxurious interior, stairs, etc. The color scheme of the interior may be different, but most often it is a combination of contrasting colors, for example, black and white.

Dessert table wedding ideas for Art deco themed party

For the decoration of the hall, gold details are appropriate: vases and dishes, tablecloths – there should be a lot of shine. To add to the chic atmosphere you can use feathers, strings of pearls or pendants made of crystals. Add vintage items – typewriters, photo cameras, photo frames, items with bold geometric shapes and ethnic patterns.

Particular attention should be paid to lighting, as it will add a special atmosphere to your wedding party. Massive chandeliers, candles, garlands of light bulbs – all of these will help create the right atmosphere of wealth, glamour and luxury.

color scheme for Art Deco style wedding decorations

Use vintage fonts, geometric patterns, various Art Deco patterns and gold stamping for the wedding invitations, table numbers, place cards and menu.

Your wedding will certainly be magnificent and brilliant if you pay attention to the details specific for the style.

Art Deco wedding ideas for the bride and groom styling

Art Deco wedding bride and groom outfits ideas

When it comes to the styling of the bride and groom, it should reflect the theme. Their image should be bold and aristocratic. A vintage style wedding dress with simple straight cut, natural, light and flowing fabrics and rich decoration of pearl threads, geometric patterns of glass beads, rhinestones and sequins are used.

Art deco inspired bridal dress ideas

The hairstyle must be smooth. An ideal option would be a short haircut with sharp corners and a straight bang, and for long hair – beautiful waves, laid on one side. The hairstyle should include some kind of hair accessory. It can be a rim with rhinestones, a hair clip with feathers, a bridal cap, a hair chain, or a hat decorated with a veil, a brooch or feathers. Do not forget about accessories: pearl beads and bracelets, guipure gloves, antique brooches, large chandelier earrings, boas, fur capes – all these are essential for the Art Deco bride.

The bride’s bouquet must be stylish and luxurious. Roses, orchids, callas, anemones, hydrangea – mainly white and pastel shades, are used. The bouquet can be decorated with pearls, crystals, ostrich feathers or a brooch.

Art Deco La Belle epoque wedding ideas and decor tips

The groom’s outfit should blend perfectly with the bride’s outfit. A tuxedo with a bow tie and a vest is a classic choice. The hair should be smoothly combed back or to the side. An original boutonniere, hat, cufflinks, suspenders, pocket watch on a chain will add a certain chic to the image.

A fantastic wedding cake for art deco weddings

The wedding cake must match the chosen style. Several tiers and a bright design with gold details or geometric patterns, edible stones or pearls – all this will please the guests and leave a vivid impression.

The main attribute of the riotous fun of the 20’s is champagne. Let it flow like water at your wedding! Another popular drink of the era is whiskey, so it will be very important to arrange a whiskey bar with cigars.



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