How to plan the perfect garden wedding – ideas for a romantic celebration

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perfect garden wedding ideas for a romantic celebration

The wedding is the happiest and most memorable day in the life of the newlyweds. During the warm season many couples prefer an outdoor wedding. A wedding in the garden is the embodiment of romance, tenderness and freshness. As glamorous as it looks, organizing the perfect garden wedding is a responsible task and requires a lot of preparation.

How to plan the decor for the perfect garden wedding


A beautiful garden is the ideal venue for weddings in spring, summer, autumn and winter, depending on its type. Imagine a shining white garden covered with snow! This is a very romantic wedding idea that can be held in a city garden or conservatory. What about a spring wedding when you will be surrounded by tulips and daffodils? In the summer you can have a fantastic celebration under the stars and the autumn offers so many colors that you will have a wonderful dеcor without much effort. Yes, we know that every couple would want an impeccable day and we have listed the most important things you need to keep in mind when you plan your outdoor wedding!

How to plan the perfect garden wedding – choose the venue

How to plan the perfect garden wedding choose the venue

One of the most important elements to consider for your perfect garden wedding is the venue. Where do you imagine the ceremony and reception? Do you have a favorite place? It can be a country estate with flowering trees, a small garden in the courtyard of a private house, even a botanical garden.

When organizing an outdoor wedding it is very important to keep in mind a possibility of bad weather. It is true that no one can foresee the weather for months ahead but if you want to be on the safe side, renting a tent is a good idea. It is worth to stock up with umbrellas and think for a closed area where you can place the guests in case of rain. By the way, the umbrellas can become a very stylish party favor if selected in the wedding color palette.

If you are planning a large-scale celebration which is held in an open area, it is very important to divide it into zones in order to arrange decor and space. The welcome zone is the first thing guests see when they come to the party. There should be a seating plan and a welcome sign, and if the area is large and there are many guests, adding signs is a must.

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You should also provide a sufficient amount of furniture. This includes not only the chairs for the ceremony and tables for the banquet zone. To give guests a break from dancing and enjoy socializing or just a moment of relax, you need to think of a relaxation area, where sofas, chairs, armchairs and ottomans can be placed. Some couples arrange a special wish zone, a place where the guests can write something in a special album.

garden wedding decor lighting dance floor

Think of the dance floor. If you hold a garden wedding reception, the lawn is not suitable for dancing, especially for heeled shoes. A large dance floor can be rented and your wedding planner should be able to give you detailed information for the rental companies.

It may not be the most romantic detail, but something that is should not be neglected when organizing a garden wedding is the presence of a sink and a toilet room. Make sure that the venue is not too far from these amenities. Another important detail is mosquitoes and insects protection. When planning the perfect wedding in the garden on a pleasant summer night, you certainly do not want to let little annoying insects ruin the mood. Just make sure you provide sprays and your guests will appreciate that!

How to plan the decor for the perfect garden wedding?

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One of the main advantages of outdoor weddings is that they benefit from the beauty of nature. Choose a decor that will be in harmony with the surrounding nature – flowers, fruits, wooden furniture, fabrics in natural colors. Remember that green trees and flowering bushes are already beautiful so it is not recommended to overload the atmosphere with decorative elements. You can add decorative elements that will accent and enhance the theme of the wedding. It could be a particular style, color or theme. There are many options to choose from – rustic, Shabby chic, Bohemian, Vintage, etc. Themes also vary significantly. Some couples choose a favorite flower for the season, for example, sunflower and this is the main décor theme. When choosing a color scheme, keep in mind that it should be light. For the perfect garden wedding choose pale pastels like blue or mint, pink, peach, etc.

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What are the suitable flowers for a wedding in the garden? Peonies and roses, grapevine and jasmine, hydrangeas and clematis are ideal as they not only create a festive atmosphere but also fill it with sweet aroma.

amazing garden wedding lighting with chandeliers and candles

Furniture, accessories and lighting are the main elements of the decor. Wooden furniture is a very good choice for the garden. Rough wooden tables, chairs or even benches will look charming and stylish in combination with a festive decor. For the convenience of guests, it is better to provide seats with pillows. Floral arrangements or potted plants are a good idea for table decoration. Candles and crystal elements in shabby chic style will add a touch of glamor. Proper lighting is essential for the wedding. String lights, chandeliers on tree branches, paper or wicker pendants, a large number of candles – there are different options but each of these will make the atmosphere of the celebration especially festive.

Garden wedding menu ideas

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When planning the menu for your outdoor wedding, you have two options – a standing buffet or a sit-down. The choice will depend on the preference of the couple and the type of wedding. If you plan a more traditional style reception, a cocktail-style food service is a better choice. If you plan a more informal party, then buffet is the way to go. Of course, there are other factors that need to be considered like the time of the day, age of guests, the size of the venue itself, the theme of the wedding, cost, etc. For example, if the wedding reception is during the day and the food is going to be served around l lunch time it is quite acceptable to serve light meal, canapés, bites, etc. For an evening reception, a sit-down meal is recommended. You can combine the two options and serve starter and main dish as a sit down meal and a variety of desserts on a buffet.

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In addition to food, drinks play a key role at a wedding in the garden. Make sure that there are enough cool refreshments, especially if the weather is hot. As guests will not leave the garden between events – wedding ceremony and reception, you may want to plan a cocktail hour.

Garden wedding menu ideas arrange different food stations

This is the perfect time to talk to everyone in an informal way, allowing everyone to mingle and get acquainted with other people and get into party mood. If you prefer the informal approach, then just set up a drinks table and let the guests prepare their own drinks. This is especially useful if you are planning a party until the morning.

Garden wedding ideas for the bride and groom attire

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What is a suitable dress for a garden wedding? Obviously, every young woman has a vision for herself and bridal boutiques offer a huge variety of dresses. It is best if you choose a light, airy dress in which you will feel most comfortable. A wedding dress with floral print or embroidery will look appropriate and very gentle. Shades of beige, pink and blue colors are suitable. Tulle or exquisite lace veil, hair wreaths or headbands with fresh flowers – the accessories of the bride should emphasize her beauty and tenderness.

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A wedding in the garden and high stilettos are not a good idea. It is impossible to get natural and laid-back photos if you are struggling to maintain balance. It is best if you wear shoes without heels, in which you will be comfortable during the whole day.

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The groom must match the airy image of the bride. It is best if he chooses a classic suit or tuxedo in gray or sand, beige, brown. An elegant boutonniere will be a great addition to the image.

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Without any doubt gardens are the ideal choice for celebrating your special day in a beautiful place. The perfect garden wedding can be romantic, playful, magical and fun. An outdoor wedding can be as simple as a wedding in the backyard but also elegant and charming.


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Garden wedding ideas for the bride and groom attire

spring garden wedding ideas bridal dress and styling

garden wedding table decorating ideas with floral arrangements

Garden wedding menu ideas for outdoor reception


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