Shabby chic wedding ideas – how to organize a truly romantic day

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Shabby chic wedding ideas decoration tips bridal dress

Shabby chic wedding ideas are always beautiful, touching, sentimental and romantic. This style was born in the eighties of the last century and Rachel Ashwell is considered as the founder of this concept. The style itself is a combination of the characteristic features of other styles: retro, Provence, baroque, rustic, etc. Rachel Ashwell used old, rare, vintage items and transformed them into fashionable and interesting products that carried the stamp of antiquity and slightly careless elegance.

The style is all about nostalgia, fairy tale, romance of the Victorian era when linen tablecloths were decorated with monograms, when wedding dresses were handed down from generation to generation and mothers passed to their daughters beautiful gowns made of crepe georgette,Indian muslin or precious lace.

Shabby chic wedding ideas how to organize the perfect day


Without any doubt, Shabby chic wedding ideas are the most loved ones as they offer the opportunity to use different elements and unite them into a very sophisticated and romantic style. A wedding in a slightly aged, but at the same time tender, feminine, romantic and sincere atmosphere will be an unforgettable event for both the newlyweds and their guests. We shall tell you what is important to know about the color range, we shall give you some great decorating ideas as well as some great tips for the styling of the bride and groom.

Shabby chic wedding ideas – understanding the basic features of the style

beautiful shabby chic wedding dress with floral decoration on the back

Shabby chic wedding ideas are characterized with sentimental and romantic beauty. There are some basic rules that you need to understand and follow. Here are the most important principles:

romantic wedding color palette pastel shades

How to choose the color scheme? The colors used for a Shabby chic wedding should look like aged and faded. The general palette is light, muted with dim tones that create a romantic mood. Soft, discreet background can be created with the help of white, pale pink, cream, blue-gray, peach, mint, lime, lavender, ivory shades. Be careful with pink otherwise your wedding may look too much as a little girl’s party. In this case, it is better not to play with contrasts and not try to create something interesting. Shabby chic is not a style that allows contrasting color combinations. In addition to delicate, pastel shades, you can add tiny floral motifs and patterns, motifs with birds, butterflies and angels. If you are more comfortable with the classic, then feel free to choose white color. You can even choose a few shades of white. If you feel that soft pastel color palette is too “sweet” for you, pay attention to the cooler tones like purple and green.

beautiful and romantic wedding dress lace and satin ribbon

Textile – When choosing textiles for decoration, go for natural materials, such as cotton or linen.

Natural materials like glass, metal and wood are perfect for this style. You can use a variety of old or artificially aged items and not just give them a second life, but literally change their purpose. For example, why not put a bouquet of roses in a watering can?

It is advisable to choose decorative elements and furnishings that have an antique look – cracked paint, small cracks, faded fabric, etc. The overall decor should be sentimental and feminine. Choose beads, lace, ribbons, etc. Handmade items are a must – napkins, invitations, cards, etc. They give the wedding a special atmosphere.

Shabby chic wedding ideas – what flowers to choose?

bridal bouquet in soft pastel colors

Many Shabby chic wedding ideas are based on simple shapes. Avoid cascading flower arrangements and fluffy bouquets. Florists recommend using flowers that match the overall color scheme – tea roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias, tulips, orange blossom, lilies of the valley, cornflowers, violets, lilacs, hyacinth and gypsophila. The bridal bouquet should complement the image of the bride and a buttonhole is chosen exclusively from the same flowers as the bouquet is suitable for the groom. Do not forget that flowers should not be too bright. To emphasize the wedding style, decorate bouquets with lace, velvet ribbons or smooth satin.

Shabby chic wedding ideas – invitations, venue decoration, furniture pieces and accessories

Outdoor shabby chic wedding decoration ideas crystal chandeliers

In accordance with the requirements of the style it will be ideal if you find a restaurant or a hall with large panoramic windows, high ceilings and good lighting. A spacious country house or an old manor with a beautiful park, with many flowering bushes will be the perfect venue for a romantic wedding as well. A great option is a combination of a closed room with an open terrace, green garden or lawn. It will be awesome if you manage to find a hall in which there is a beautiful crystal chandelier, lamps or semi-antique mirrors in elegant frames that match the style. These furnishings will help create the desired effect of luxury and antiquity.

flowers beads and candles on vintage table wedding decor ideas

Furniture – It is advisable to choose light wood furniture pieces. If the venue does not have such an option, you can use some creative Shabby chic wedding ideas and make light textile covers and original pads. Tablecloths made from natural fabrics, monogrammed napkins, vintage sets, silver cutlery, crystal – these are the perfect choice for the table setting. In a separate area designed for recreation and photography you can place a wooden rocking chair, an old chest of drawers, ottomans, an old clock, black and white photos, etc.

DIY wedding decor shabby chic style ideas

The perfect accessories and decorative elements for a Shabby chic wedding are antiques like typewriters, photos in beautiful frames, vases, figurines, wooden boxes with fancy shapes, birdcages, etc. Shabby style chic loves detail and ornaments so jewelry boxes, original candlesticks, old books or suitcases are also a good option.

There are numerous Shabby chic wedding ideas which show creative invitations as well as place cards which match the style concept. You can purchase these ready-made or craft them yourself, using aged paper, designer cardboard, paper with pastoral ornaments, craft paper, etc. Pearls, beads, thin ribbons, lace, satin inserts, tulle, burlap, flax, dried flowers are the perfect decoration. A great idea is to sign invitations with real ink. If you prefer a printed option choose a vintage font that matches the style of the wedding.

Shabby chic wedding dress and ideas for the groom styling

romantic strapless wedding dress ideas

Obviously, if you chose a Shabby chic wedding you need to carefully think of your appearance. Bridal dress and bridesmaid dresses should be gentle and elegant with a light vintage look. A Shabby chic wedding dress can be made of crepe georgette, thick crepe de chine, and chiffon. Lace, chiffon or tulle inserts, pearls, embroideries, matte beads or tiny artificial flowers can be used to decorate the dress. Silk gloves, a belt embroidered with pearls, a hat or a short veil will help to complement your look. The color of the dress does not have to be classic white. You can use any pastel colors – ivory, pale cream, peach, lavender, pale pink, sky blue, pale green, etc.

bride hairstyle and decorations for shabby chic themed wedding

Makeup and hairstyle have to help the overall image. The best makeup is with an accent on the beauty of the bride’s eyes. You can use eyeshadows in peach and cream shades. Avoid bright lipstick. It will be better to replace it with lip gloss.

Shabby chic bridal dresses ideas

The best hairstyle for a Shabby chic wedding is loose or slightly gathered hair, a braid with a ribbon and half up half down options are also suitable. The main goal is to create an image of lightness, femininity, naturalness and tenderness. You can decorate your hair with a lace band, a wreath of delicate flowers, etc. Earrings, bracelets, brooches and antique necklaces are the jewelry options to choose from.

 shabby chic style wedding groom styling ideas for elegant

The basic rule of men’s Shabby chic style is Victorian simplicity. The styling of the groom should be light, but at the same time masculine. A tuxedo or light trousers in blue, beige or gray, in combination with a light shirt and a dark waistcoat without a jacket can be a suitable outfit. The groom can attach a vintage pin to his tie.

wedding decoration floral centerpiece in pink and white fresh flowers shabby chic style decor

In conclusion, we can say that Shabby chic wedding ideas are characterized with a combination of cozy softness and chic. This style is ideal for couples who want to create an exceptional romantic atmosphere for their special day and surround themselves and their guests with the glitter of antique luxury.



table setting and decoration with candleholders low and high floral centerpieces

Shabby chic table decor floral centerpiece

elegant table decorations with floral centerpiece

mermaid style wedding dress with waist ribbon lace low back

elegant and stylish lace wedding dress

Classic shabby chic strapless wedding dress with buttons on the back



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