Proper hand skin care in winter – basic rules and practical tips

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Proper hand skin care in winter tips

Proper hand skin care in winter allows you to maintain their attractive appearance. Our hands are in constant motion and their skin is thinner, so we need to nourish and protect it. There are few sebaceous glands on the hands, so with time, without proper care, wrinkles appear, and the skin loses moisture. With the approach of cold season skin requires more protection and we have some useful tips how to take care of your hands in winter.

Proper hand skin care in winter – simple rules and practical tips

Wear gloves in winter to protect the skin of your hands


The skin of the hands is very delicate. Especially during frosts, hands become dry and red. Therefore, in winter, special attention should be paid to hand care. A small amount of sebaceous glands that secrete a protective layer for the skin of the hands is very delicate, and disappears after each wash. It takes several hours for the protective layer to recover. Before this happens, of course, you can’t avoid another contact with soap and water. So what to do? Here are some proper hand skin care in winter rules and tips:

Rule 1 – Wear gloves

use gloves when cleaning the home

When the temperature on the street is about zero, this is an occasion to wear gloves or mittens and try not to take them off on the street. Wear gloves not only when you go outside, but also during housework. Hands should be protected not only from the cold, but also from water and chemicals.

Rule 2 – Avoid hot water

Avoid washing hands with hot water

Do not wash your hands too often. Hygiene is very important, but in winter, try to protect your hands from contact with water to the maximum. It is also important that you avoid too hot water, which dissolves the protective film. Wash your hands with a mild soap, that is, one that does not contain many alkaline compounds. It is also advisable to use liquid soap that contains natural oils. Use hand washing products with a neutral pH, i.e. 5.5. You should also use soap and hand washing fluids with a moisturizer or vegetable oil. Do not rub your hands with a hard towel. After washing your hands, be sure to apply a rich nourishing cream, but not later than an hour before going outside. Reduce your time in the shower. Long water procedures dry the skin. Try not to linger in the shower as hot water exacerbates is not beneficial to your skin, so use warm water.

Rule 3 – Replace moisturizer with a nourishing cream

Replace moisturizer with a nourishing cream in winter hand care tips

In winter, it is necessary to constantly use a nourishing cream. Do not use moisturizing products. On the first place, they do not penetrate deep enough into the dermis, and secondly, they do not create a protective layer on the skin. Moisturizers can dehydrate the skin – this unpleasant process is affected by the level of humidity both outdoors and indoors. A nourishing cream will retain moisture inside the dermis so apply it regularly. Remember, apply the cream after each hand wash, and always in case your skin is dry. Keep it in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the drawer of the desktop, carry it in your bag!

Rule 4 – Use a scrub

Exfoliation of the skin is very important for hand care in the winter

Exfoliation of the skin is very important for hand care in the winter. Small abrasive particles not only remove impurities and dead cells, but also contribute to better blood circulation. After this procedure, nourishing creams and oils will penetrate deeper into the inner layers of the skin and will be more effective.

Rule 5 – Humidify the air

Temperature differences and dry air have a bad effect on the skin use a humidifier

The skin of the hands differs from the skin of the face. Hand skin has significantly less moisture and sebaceous glands, therefore it is much more difficult for it to independently fight external influences. Temperature differences and dry air have a bad effect on the skin. In the heating season, radiators and air conditioners operate at full capacity which results in dry indoor air. This is one of the main reasons for dehydrated and peeling skin. To solve this problem, humidify the air in the house. If you don’t have a special humidifier, place a bowl of water near the heat source. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water to fill the room with a pleasant scent.

Proper hand skin care in winter – Use homemade cosmetics

Proper hand skin care in winter use homemade cosmetics

Extra care will never be too much. To keep the skin of your hands healthy and smooth, it is good to make special hand masks once a week, they will have a deeper therapeutic effect than just a cream. Why buy expensive hand care products when you can prepare them by yourself? Various oil baths and homemade natural hand masks can give an excellent effect if you know which ingredients to use. Apply hand care masks before bedtime and wait until it is absorbed.

winter care for hands tips and simple rules

There are many winter hand mask recipes. The composition of such masks should be essential or vegetable oils, which contain amino acids that have a beneficial effect on the skin – jojoba oil, peach oil, shea butter. For example, you can mix an egg yolk with a teaspoon of honey and chopped oatmeal. Massage your hands with this mixture for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply a nourishing cream. A homemade scrub is easy to prepare. Mix a handful of sugar with your favorite body lotion. Rub the mixture into your hands, and then rinse with warm water. Instead of sugar, you can also use coffee grounds.

Proper hand skin care in winter simple rules and practical tips

Every woman will agree that hands require care and attention all year round. However, in winter, they need special, delicate protection. You can avoid winter hand skin problems without spending much time and money by just following these tips.



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