Winter hair care – basic rules to maintain your mane healthy

by Kremy

Winter hair care basic rules to maintain a healthy look

Winter is the most difficult season of the year to keep the beauty and health of the skin of the face and body, nails and hair. They are affected from sudden changes in temperature, dry indoor air, lack of vitamins and minerals and other factors. In winter and spring, hair needs special care. We shall give you the basic rules for winter hair care which will help you during the cold months.

Basic rules for winter hair care

avoid using curlers and hair dryers in winter


One of the most important conditions for the beauty and health of your hair is proper and constant care, starting with the most common thing – washing your hair. How to wash your hair in winter? Proper winter hair care means that you should wash your hair in cool water. Hot water will make hairs brittle, as well as hot air of the hair dryer. Therefore, during the cold season it is better to avoid or minimize the use of hairdryer, as well as straighteners and curlers. In winter the scalp suffers – if you walk without a hat, the hair becomes dry, and if you constantly wear the same hat without regular washing, it gets dirty faster. This is a real problem in big cities where the level of pollution is high.

use special shampoo and moisturizer

It is better to choose a special shampoo for winter hair care. It will restore moisture and make combing easier. After each hair wash, apply conditioner. Experts advise that you choose products for dry and brittle hair, even if you do not usually use them. They will give elasticity and smoothness to your hair. Choose combs from natural materials. They do not damage the hair when combing and gently massage the scalp. Massage improves blood supply to the hair roots, and hence their nutrition.

Proper nutrition and healthy diet are essential for your look

Proper nutrition and healthy diet are essential. We all know that external beauty is a reflection of the health of the body. To make your hair look beautiful and well-groomed, you need to eat well. Make it a rule to eat at least a couple of different fruits or vegetables every day – this is good for hair and for your body. Take vitamins. This can be a general strengthening multivitamin complex, which also includes the necessary micro-elements for the body, or special vitamins for hair, skin and nails, the so-called beauty vitamins. In the winter months, our hair needs omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, calcium, zinc and vitamins that are found in vegetables, herbs, legumes and other natural sources that are so beneficial for the body.

scalp massage improves blood circulation and prevents hair loss

Improve blood circulation. In winter blood vessels narrow and the scalp does not receive the necessary nutrients, which are delivered with blood. As a result from this deficiency hair is the first to suffer and the roots weaken. This can lead to hair loss and slow growth. Hair becomes thinner, brittle and dull. To prevent that, experts advise regular scalp massage.

drink water to maintain the balance in the body and protect your hair from getting dry

Moisturize your hair and skin! This is especially important, so drink more water to restore the balance in the body and protect your hair and skin from over drying. Choose special products that effectively moisturize hair in the winter. They are designed to make the hair more elastic, smooth, shiny, and remove static electricity. A humidifier also helps to improve the quality of indoor air and there are many different models in the stores.

Apply nourishing and regenerating hair masks

Change hair care products. Winter care for oily, dry, normal, mixed hair can differ significantly from your usual routine. If you continue to use the usual shampoos, balms and masks, the condition of the hair may get worse. As a rule, in winter the hair becomes drier. The shampoo should be as delicate and gentle as possible, with a neutral pH level, based on natural ingredients and without dyes, parabens and silicones. After washing your hair with shampoo, stylists strongly recommend that you use a restoring or moisturizing balm or conditioner to protect your hair.

use a restoring balm or conditioner to protect your hair

Apply nourishing and regenerating masks several times a week. You can buy them from cosmetic stores or make them at home. Make sure they contain vitamins B1, B5, B6 and F, essential oils, such as oranges, proteins, amino acids. Experts recommend applying a medical mask to wet hair, then cover the hair with cling film and wrap it with a warm towel. Keep at least 15 minutes and if you have time – even longer.

Avoid styling products and hairsprays in winter

The final step before going out – Avoid styling products! It is best if you let your hair air dry. Yes, most women start working in the morning and prefer to wash their hair immediately after waking up, and when every minute counts, it can be difficult to do without a hair dryer. If that is the case, it is better to use the hairdryer in cool air mode and regulating the flow at a distance of 15 centimeters from the head so hair damage will be minimal. If you feel that you have to style your hair then get protective products. Almost all cosmetic stores offer a large selection of heat protective products that need to be applied to hair before the main styling procedure.

proper hair care in winter tips and simple rules

What to do when you are out in the winter air? The cold season is associated with long walks in snowy parks. Make sure that you wear hats and scarves under which to hide the strands. This may ruin your look but it will save the condition of the hair. You can also use serums, emulsions or waxes for the tips of the hair which “seal” moisture in it.




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