Wooden pallets furniture -interior design ideas in country house style

by Kremy

Pallets furniture shelves living room design

The natural country style is gaining popularity. Typical for this style of furnishing are the natural materials – wood, stone, clay, textiles such as cotton and floral motifs. Wooden pallets furniture, which are increasingly used as interior elements are perfect for a country-inspired style of living.

Wooden pallets furniture with vintage look

Country style pallet furniture dining room


The more hectic the time, the greater is the longing for a few hours in the open with a fresh breeze of country air. Wooden pallets furniture reflects the country house idea and creates a homey comfortable atmosphere. A wide range of designs can be created from this material – both for interiors, as well as exteriors. From beds, through separating elements and shelving systems, to tables and chairs, bring a piece of naturalness into the interior.

Accessories for country-style designs

wall interior play room decoration

Wooden pallets furniture with playful designs perfectly fit into the picture. Wall colors in natural tones are the perfect complement to it.

Bedroom in country style

Bed platform red bedding

An opulent bed from pallets with beautiful pillows, linens and other accessories forms the cozy center of the bedroom, where you can relax. Such furniture offer enough storage space in the nursery – the toys can be stowed in wooden pallet boxes. Palettes can be held together with hinges and offer many design options – they can still be used as a wall covering or room divider.

 Back to nature with recycled materials

Pallet furniture chair cushions


Home accessories and furniture from such materials are a creative addition for gardens and terraces. Even a garden path can be made of them. Decorative elements from used shipping pallets are a beautiful eye-catcher.

Bathroom wall wooden pallet

Interesting decorative elements

Furniture ideas wooden pallets

Interior elements

Wine cellar rack design

Coffe table

Table from wooden pallets furniture

country style wooden pallets furniture

Furniture Design Ideas DIY wooden pallets table

Garden gazebo

garden path wooden pallets

Recycled pallets garden accessories

ideas outdoor furniture

craft ideas pallets stools

pallet dining table DIY pallet wood

diy pallet durniture ideas buffet and sofa side table storage

creative pallet designs ideas



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