16 unique nursery room ideas with creative fantasy world designs

by Kremy

unique kids room ideas ceiling auto number ladder

All parents want the best for their children. Check out some unique nursery room ideas that can give you ideas and inspiration. Create a beautiful room for your child, for which it had always dreamed of. Slides, bunk beds and carriages and other playful accents belong to their wild fantasies.

Unique nursery room ideas from fairy tales

unique kids room ideas girl coach baby bed princess


These unique nursery room ideas would give a real pleasure to the children when they are sleeping and growing up in a space they really love. Such creative children’s room ideas create a fairytale world where imagination, learning and fun are united! The Ferris wheel, for example, could be used as a storage space for toys or clothes. The decoration elements could also have other functions. Select a topic of interest for the kids and arrange such accents in the interior. With a little imagination the cot could turn into a canopy bed of a princess or a support column in a forest tree. Create enough space for games and exercise, and also pay attention to safety. If you are building a tree house or a slide in the nursery, then you make sure it is safe.

Unique nursery room ideas for girls

unique nursery girl tent roses

Fairy-tale world and fairies house

unique nursery room ideas creative tree fairies flowers lampshade

Wall and reading corner

unique nursery room ideas reading corner wall design


Wall shelves

nursery ideas bookshelves

Children’s carousel and ceiling design

carousel cloud ceiling

Ferris wheel in the nursery

stripes Ferris Wheel

 Tree house and paintings

treehouse paintings

 Football theme

soccer fan beanbag

 Football field rug

creative nursery design boy football carpet theme

Built-in shelves

girl ideas built in shelving cabinets

 Support column decorated as a tree

design column tree bunk beds

 Canopy bed for a princess

deas poster bed princess


nursery mural paintings floral green yellow blue

A decorative fence

mural picket fence flowers



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