Kids teepees – gorgeous colorful tents for kids’ rooms

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Kids teepees, also spelled tipi, are reminiscent of traditional Indian teepee and teepees are a decorative element in every little child’s room. The construction is very simple and for DIY project fans making a teepee is an easy task. Kids teepees do not take up a lot of space in the room and can be easily moved from one room to the other. They can be folded and transported or just constructed in the garden. Children love teepees, the feeling of hiding from others or playing mysterious games. Teepees for kids are perfect for playing various games, for a daily rest or reading books. The market offers teepees for kids in different sizes which can accommodate up to three children at the same time.


Kids teepees – a great addition to the design of a child’s room


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Colorful tents are ideal for the interior of every kid’s room and provide your kid with a special cheerful and comfortable place for playing. A typical teepee has a conical structure which consists of a wooden frame and lightweight fabric – cotton, canvas, etc. Kids teepees are a real joy for kids and you will notice that they just love to spend time in the tent and invent various games. Kids feel very comfortable and you can add or remove additional floor cushions, rugs, garlands, banners or any time of decoration at any time. A teepee can be folded and stored easily if you need the space, you can take it with you when you go on a holiday or pay a visit to the grandparents and install the teepee on the new location. Teepees can be cleaned easily on a regular basis so there is no need to worry about complicated maintenance. There are many models which are suitable for both indoors and outdoors so you can use the tent in the garden all summer long, for example and it will be the favorite place of the kids. In this way they will spend more time outdoors in various activities and games. A teepee is installed easily and when you get the kids involved in the process it is going to be even greater fun!

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It is understandable that parents have concerns about safety, stability, hygiene and other properties of teepees for kids and we shall try to give you the answers to these questions.

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One of the main requirements when we talk about kids is safety. A kid’s teepee is stable and this is due to the wooden construction. Usually the teepee’s poles are made of natural wood – oak or birch bamboo. The poles have a round or rectangular shape and may have an optional frame at the base which adds to the stability. The fabric or canvas of the teepee also aids to hold the poles stable.

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You can buy a teepee for your kids from a store, order a custom made one or make a teepee as a DIY project. Some manufacturers offer a variety of choices for the fabric, colors prints, and you can choose the one that matches the kids’ bedroom decor or one with their favorite prints – images of animals and fairy tale characters, geometric prints, polka dots, etc.

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Typically a teepee for kids includes the wooden frame and the canvas. Some models include floor cushions or a floor mat, additional decorations but usually those are optional. As far as maintenance and cleaning are concerned, play teepees are cleaned with a soft damp cloth and the fabric can be washed in a washing machine following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Kids teepees – DIY projects and useful tips how to make a play teepee


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Kids teepees are not only a great gift for boys. Girls also have great pleasure in playing in a teepee, especially if decorated in a beautiful “girly” way. It is not a surprise that play teepees are getting more and more popular- children like to play in a secluded corner, and parents know that the teepee does not threaten the child. On the other hand the child has its own area, even if it has no its own separate room. Play teepees are suitable for preschool children or younger children.

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How to make a play teepee as a DIY project? Every DIY projects fan will love the idea of making a teepee for the kids. It is a simple construction and you do not need any special skills or tools. You need to gather the materials and after that it will take you less than a day to get the teepee ready. You can buy the poles from a craft shop but make sure they are not treated with any chemicals.

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Make a teepee pattern for the canvas. It is a semi-circle in shape or you can cut several pieces and sew them afterwards. Cut the teepee pattern from the canvas. If you don’t have a pre-cut canvas made for a teepee, you’ll need to cut your own from the canvas. Tracing a pattern onto the canvas first is the best idea, but the basic cut is a semi-circle half as wide as it is long, with notches cut toward each end on the flat side of the semi-circle, and with flaps cut from the middle of the flat side, for use as “smoke flaps,” and a hole for the door. You’ll also need to save enough canvas for covering up the door hole when you’re inside. You will also need a thick thread or a thin rope, some embellishments and you are ready to go!


Step 1 – Erecting the poles

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You start by arranging the pole frame and attaching the poles to each other by tying them with a rope. Another option is to drill a hole through the top of every pole. Thread the rope through the holes and tie it.

Step 2 – Attach the canvas

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You can cut and sew the fabric or canvas that you bought so that it can be easily wrapped around you pole construction. Add fabric strips on the inside so you can tie the fabric to the pole. The easier option, especially for those people who haven’t got sewing skills, is to use an old sheet and save yourself the trouble of cutting, measuring, checking and sewing. Throw the sheet around the poles, fix it to the top and there you are – you have a play teepee.



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