50 Button craft ideas for kids of every age, season and holiday

by Kremy

creative button craft ideas cool craft ideas for kids adults

Button craft ideas are one of the most amusing, fun craft projects which are a real pleasure for kids, adults and provide numerous options to create fantastic home decorations, festive cards, adorable gifts for family and friends, cool bags, jewelry – you name it! The list is practically endless and we will show you the coolest button craft projects. Buttons are cheap, fun craft material and you can create thousands of items for almost nothing.

cool button craft ideas creative crafts for kids holiday craft ideas


Buttons come in hundreds of colors, sizes, shapes, patterns and are one of the best materials for art and craft projects. What you need? A lot of imagination, creativity, a jar of colorful buttons, some glue, thread and needles, cardboard paper, ribbons, etc. and if you looked around your home you will definitely find out that you have more than you think – colorful wrapping paper, various beads, some old picture frames – all of these will come really handy and you will find super cool ideas for crafts with buttons in the gallery below.


Button craft ideas for kids


button crafts for kids art projects with buttons dog

It is always the kids who are incredibly creative and have so much fun with various art projects. You can stimulate their creativity, skills and imagination by tempting them with various button craft ideas. There are many fantastic button craft ideas for the youngest ones and they can make fun cards, cute animals – caterpillar, ladybugs, rabbits, chickens, owls, elephants, anything that you can think of. Of course, with small kids parents or older siblings will have to assist but it is a great opportunity for a family fun activity and time together.

kids crafts wall decoration carrot canvas easter crafts ideas

Elder kids can have a craft afternoon or a button craft party, for example, and make gifts for Christmas or Easter for the grandparents or other relatives. Those little homemade gifts will be even more precious as they come from the hands of the children. A great idea is to get some cheap photo frames and let the kids decorate them with colorful buttons. Add pictures from your family holiday and you will have an original and unique photo wall.

kids crafts ideas button crafts easy fun crafts lady bug

Let the kids craft their own wall decoration. Airplanes, ballerina, cupcake, air balloons – there so many craft projects with buttons that you can organize different button craft projects for every season or holiday.

kids crafts wall decoration ideas

kids crafts wall decoration air balloon

kids crafts ideas button crafts button flowers mothers day gift ideas

Button crafts ideas easy crafits for kids fun crafts

kids easy fun crafts ideas

kids caterpillar craft projects with buttons for kids


Button craft ideas – creative DIY home decoration ideas


decoratie pillow home decoration ideas

When it comes to creative home decorating, button craft ideas will help you add character and personality to the interior by adding unique small details and accents and we all know that this is what makes a house into a home. Decorate your sofa pillows with buttons or add vibrant colors with original wall decorations. Use your buttons collection and decorate the lamp shade or ask the children for help and make a cute button bouquet for the side table. Go to a local craft store and buy wooden letters. Paint them and decorate them with colorful buttons. Nail the decorated letters to the kids’ room door or above their beds. There are numerous crafts with buttons which will help you with original homemade decorations. Glue buttons on mason jars and make adorable lanterns and table lights, which will add a romantic glow to your home or garden party.

diy table napkins easy crafts with buttons table decor

Crafts with buttons can help you decorate various household items – napkins, napkin rings, tablecloths and table runners, curtains, vases, bowls, candle holders, serving trays, wall clocks, you can make a  wind chime for the front porch – these are just some of the ideas that you may think of.

home decor ideas DIY lantern ideas crafts with buttons

easy button crafts kids bedroom decorating ideas wall decor

creative craft ideas DIY lamp shade decor art

cool crafts with buttons crochet crafts bedroom decor

cool crafts with buttons button heart pillow holiday decor ideas

button crafts cool craft ideas art projects with buttons


Button craft ideas – handmade jewels and bag decoration


creative button craft ideas DIY hand bag decoration original DIY bag

When we talk about button craft ideas we have to turn your attention to the numerous button craft projects for decorating handbags, purses, shoes, clothing and even jewelry crafts. New, vintage, colorful, wooden or unused buttons of all shapes and sizes will give you the opportunity to make your own stunning jewelry. For example, combine buttons, mini sea shells, pink mother-of-pearl buttons and you will have a beautiful necklace. Make some of those and give it to your girl friends on a beach themed party. Make dangling earrings to complete the jewelry set. To make button earrings you will need small metal rings and you can attach small buttons, glass beads, etc. Help your teen daughter craft original button bracelets for her friends at school. Add feathers, ribbons, various charms and the final result will be as good as if you bought them from a jewelry store.

button craft ideas DIY shoe decoration

If you need more ideas with buttons, here you are! Use buttons to decorate your purse or handbag. Make a unique cell phone case, decorated with buttons. There are some very easy button craft ideas for decorating clothes, T-shirts, even flip flops and shoes and when you are in a mood for craft – do not hesitate, get you buttons and just have fun!

DIY Buttons Jewelry bracelets

DIY button phone case button craft ideas

creative idea with buttons DIY project ideas art projects with buttons

DIY t shirt decoration art project with buttons

button craft ideas DIY buttons jewelry DIY pendants


Christmas crafts with buttons – DIY Christmas cards, tree ornaments and gifts


button crafts christmas crafts for kids christams decorating ideas tree

Who is waiting more eagerly for Christmas than kids? Who is the one delighted by the magical atmosphere of the holiday? Who is impatient to have the house decorated for the most joyful holiday of the year? It is always the kids who start talking about Christmas months before the holiday. If you want to make a special surprise for your friends and relatives for Christmas, you can make pretty Christmas cards decorated with buttons. One of the most pleasant and fun ideas for Christmas crafts for kids is the Christmas cards workshop. You can organize a button craft competition for the kids in the neighborhood and everyone will be making the greeting cards for his family or teacher.

DIY Christmas decoration button art projects for kids

Buttons are easily glued on cardboard and with a few pieces of colorful paper, some silk ribbons in traditional Christmas colors and some glitter powder, the kids will be able to make the most original handmade Christmas cards. With green buttons you can make beautiful Christmas trees for the mantel, for example. Button craft projects for Christmas ornaments are a lot of fun and you can decorate your tree with unique and original ornaments or make a special Christmas gift for your friends, colleagues and family members. When you want to add a personal touch to the gifts, you can make original gift tags or gift toppers. You can add buttons to the Advent calendar as well. Go ahead and spend lovely time with your children during fun craft afternoons.

easy christmas tree craft ornaments button craft ideas cool crafts for kids

DIY gift wrap rustic diy ideas button crafts paper

DIY Christmas decoration ideas button crafts Christmas tree green red buttons

DIY Christmas decoration ideas button crafts button art

DIY Christmas decoration button crafts christmas crafts christmas gifttags stickers

DIY christmas card button crafts christmas crafts for kids

diy christmas button crafts homemade christmas ornaments

diy christmas decorations easy crafts for kids

Cute Christmas craft ideas for kids easy craft ideas snowman

cool crafts for kids easy christmas tree ornaments

crafts Christmas kids


Super cool Easter crafts with buttons

easter craftseaster basket decorating

Easter is the other great holiday when you can use some of the thousands ideas for button crafts and button art projects. Choose buttons in bright colors to add festive spring mood to the house decoration. Easter button crafts ideas are a good option for last minute Easter decorations. There are suitable ideas for every age. If you have small kids, paper and button craft projects will keep them happy. Choose a simple egg, butterfly, rabbit or chicken pattern and draw it on a sheet of paper. Choose buttons in color and let the children stick them onto the pattern. Buy some cheap picture frames and after the Easter button art project is complete, frame it and hang it on the wall. The children will be more than proud!

easter craft ideaseaster egg craft with buttons

On a white canvas children can make a beautiful rainbow. Make sure you have all the necessary colors and it will be one of the most enjoyable button craft projects. Children can customize their Easter egg baskets with colorful buttons and ribbons in bright colors and make beautiful Easter home decorations like rabbit garlands, carrots, spring flowers with buttons.

Easter button egg easter craft

easter craft ideas easter decor projects with buttons

easter bunny banner

easter craft ideas egg easter decor

kids craft projects with buttons rainbow


Mother’s day and Valentine gifts and decoration ideas – cool button crafts

kids mothers day crafts DIY valentine gift

Mother’s day and Valentine are another great opportunity for button craft projects. Those are very special holidays as you can express your love and respect and even the smallest gift becomes the most valuable item when it is personally made and you have put your heart and soul in it.

Valentine crafts DIY valentine gift

Mothers are very special and deserve all the attention and a very special treat at least once a year on Mother’s day. You can craft various items and decorate them with buttons in the favorite color of your mom. If she loves green, use green buttons in different sizes to decorate a vase. Get her the flowers that she likes best and this is all that it takes to make her cry with pride.

Valentine crafts DIY valentine gift wall decor

Make Valentine hearts and small cards, cute little gifts for your partner. Pink or red buttons are a good choice for crafting Valentine cards, wall decorations or love messages. Make it special and every holiday or personal celebration will be much more romantic and emotional.

Valentine gift ideas DIY heart fabric felt

DIY valentine gift ideas

DIY valentine gifts heart ideas

DIY mothers day gift button vase tin can



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